March 28, 2013

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Venizelos Slams All For Handling of Events in Cyprus

During a meeting of his PASOK's Political Council on Wednesday, socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos slammed all sides for their handling of developments on Cyprus.

Venizelos criticism did not even spare the inner core of Eurozone countries, nor European socialists, nor the French government for supporting Germany's proposals, nor the Cypriots themselves, who had failed to forestall the crisis.

He also slammed the SYRIZA and Independent Greeks Party who blame Cyprus' economic woes on the Greek PSI.

According to him, the statement by Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem about applying Cyprus-style haircuts in other countries was "dangerous" and he emphasized that lingering uncertainty within Europe's banking system must be not be permitted. The leader of PASOK noted that Europe, instead of overcoming the crisis, was recycling and reproducing it, while completely overlooking the geopolitical aspects of Cyprus' problems as well as its role as "Europe's forward outpost in the region of the East. Mediterranean".

At the same time Venizelos warned of the dangers for the Eurozone if the theory of "safe and unsafe banks" were allow to predominate, or of countries borrowing at low rates and countries borrowing at high rates.
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