January 3, 2013

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Nino And Chrissy Vardinoyanni Get Married, Sign Prenuptial Agreement

Popular singer "Nino" apparently got married to none other than Chrissy Vardinoyanni and as such was recently in the news for agreeing to sign to a prenuptial agreement that protects both the bride and the groom from future economic disasters (or greed).

The couple was reportedly married under extreme secrecy in the first week of December at the City Hall in Kifissia, and only in the presence of the couple's family and very close friends (70 in all).Apparently the bride and groom were dating for over two years now and kept the news of the wedding very quiet because Chrissy is expecting their child. (Kind of explains the rush wedding).

The bride's family, as we all know, is one of the most powerful families in Greece and certainly one of the richest.

According to the article Nino agreed to sign a prenuptial in order to marry his beloved Chrissy. The agreement protects the assets of both the bride and groom before the nuptial, and then divides the assets acquired after marriage equally to both. Each spouse will retain his or her personal property, regardless of how they acquired it, even if they do not live happily ever after and the sole beneficiaries of this property will only be their offspring.

So the nasty rumors about Nino going after the gold can finally be put to rest... (even though the agreement can be revised every ten or twenty years). Tsk... tsk... tsk... Shame on all of you for thinking otherwise. LOL

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