August 5, 2012

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GREEK Names that Mean “Love, Beautiful and Flowers”

If you want to find out what your name means in Greek or if you are having trouble finding a new name for your new baby and want it to express the words "Love, Beautiful and Flowers" then check out our list. We have included ancient and contemporary names from Adara, Adonia, Areta, to Bryani and Narcisa.

1. ADARA means “Beautiful“
2. ADONIA means “Beautiful lady“
3. AMADRYA means “Tree nymph “
4. AMARANDA means “Flower“
5. AMARANDE means “Flower“
6. AMARANTHA means “Flower“
7. AMARYLLIS means “Flower name“
8. ANTHEA means “Flower; Lady of flowers“
9. ANTHEIA means “Flower “
10. ANTHIA means “Flower; Lady of flowers“
11. ARETA means “Beauty; Virtuous; excellent.“
12. ARETE means “Beauty“
13. ARETHA means “Beauty; Virtuous; excellent.“
14. AZALIA means “A flower name“
15. CALANTHA means “Lovely blossom“
16. CALI means “Most beautiful“
17. CALIDA means “The most beautiful“
18. CALISSA means “Most beautiful“
19. CALISTA means “Most beautiful“
20. CALISTO means “Most beautiful“

GREEK Names that Mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers"

21. CALITHEA means “Beautiful goddess“
22. CALIYA means “Beauty“
23. CALLA means “The most beautiful“
24. CALLI means “The most beautiful“
25. CALLIA means “Beautiful voice“
26. CALLIE means “The most beautiful“
27. CALLIGENIA means “Born of beauty“
28. CALLIONE means “Excellent beauty“
29. CALLIOPE means “Beautiful voice“
30. CALLISTA means “Most beautiful.“
31. CALYSTA means “Most beautiful.“
32. CHARIS means “Grace and beauty“
33. CHLOE means “Fresh-blooming“
34. CHLORIS means “Blooming Mythological goddess of flowers or spring“
35. CLEMATIS means “Flower name“
36. CLORIS means “Blooming Mythological goddess of flowers or spring“
37. DAFFODIL means “Daffodil flower“
38. DAPHNE means “The laurel tree“
39. DAPHNEY means “The laurel tree“
40. DELBIN means “Flower“
41. DELBINA means “Flower“
42. DELBINE means “Flower“
43. DIANTHA means “Flower“
44. DIANTHE means “Flower“
45. DOREEN means “Beautiful“
46. DORINDA means “Beautiful gift“
47. EVANTH means “Flower“
48. EVANTHE means “Flower“
49. GIANCINTA means “Hyacinth“
50. GIANCINTE means “Hyacinth“

GREEK Names that Mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers"

51. HALIANTHA means “Sea bloom “
52. HAMADRYA means “Wood nymph “
53. HEHE means “Goddess of youthful beauty“
54. IANTHA means “Violet flower“
55. IANTHE means “Violet flower Mythological sea nymph and daughter of Oceanus“
56. IANTHINA means “Violet flower“
57. IOANTHE means “Violet flower “
58. IOLANTHA means “Violet flower“
59. IOLANTHE means “Violet flower“
60. IONE means “Violet flower “
61. JACENIA means “Hyacinth“
62. JACINDA means “Hyacinth“
63. JACINTA means “Beautiful“
64. JACINTHA means “Beautiful“
65. JACINTHE means “Beautiful“
66. JOLA means “Pretty“
67. KALI means “Rosebud“
68. KALIE means “Rosebud“
69. KALIKA means “Rosebud“
70. KALLEA means “Beauty, goodness “
71. KALLINI means “Beautiful victory“
72. KALLINIKE means “Beautiful victory“
73. KALLIOPE means “Beautiful voice“
74. KALLISTA means “Most beautiful.“
75. KALLONE means “Beautiful woman“

GREEK Names that Mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers"

76. KALONICE means “Victory of beauty“
77. KALOSA means “Beauty, goodness“
78. KALOSINE means “Beautiful woman“
79. KALY means “Rosebud“
80. KALYCA means “Rosebud“
81. KRYSANTHE means “Golden flower“
82. LIGIA means “Beautiful voice“
83. LILA means “Lily“
84. LILCH means “Lily“
85. LILIS means “Lily“
86. LILLA means “Lily“
87. LILLIS means “Lily“
88. MARICA means “Nymph of the sacred grove “
89. MELANTHA means “Dark flower“
90. MELANTHE means “Dark flower“
91. MINTA means “Mint, a plant name“
92. MINTHA means “Mint plant“
93. MOLY means “An herb Hermes gives to Odysseus to protect him“
94. MYRICA means “Tamarisk tree“
95. MYRTA means “Myrtle plant“
96. MYRTIA means “Myrtle“
97. MYRTICE means “Myrtle“
98. MYRTIS means “Myrtle“
99. MYRTISA means “Myrtle“
100. MYRTLE means “Myrtle plant“

GREEK Names that Mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers"

101. MYTRA means “Myrtle“
102. NARCISSA means “Daffodil“
103. PEONY means “Peony flower“
104. PERICALIYA means “Exceeding beauty“
105. RHODA means “Rose“
106. RHODANTHA means “Rose flower“
107. RHODANTHE means “Rose flower“
108. RHODIA means “Rose“
109. TABITHA means “beauty, grace“
110. XYLAN means “Of the forest“
111. XYLIA means “From the forest“
112. YOLANDE means “Violet“
113. APHRODITE means “Goddess of love“
114. PHILOMENA means “Greatly loved“
115. PHILOMINA means “Greatly loved“
116. THAIS means “Beloved“
117. THEOPHILIA means “Loved by God“
118. LILY means “Lily flower“
119. AZALEA means “A flower name“
120. LILIA means “Lily“
121. NARKISSA means “Daffodil“
122. BRYANI means “The name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine“
123. NARCISA means “Daffodil“


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