August 5, 2012

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Pakistani Arrested For Teenage Girl's Assault on Paros Following DNA Identification

A 21-year-old Pakistani national illegally residing in Greece that was arrested early Saturday by Athens security police for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl found seriously injured on July 23 on a beach on the island of Paros, has confessed to the crime, police announced on Saturday night.

The Pakistani was initially taken in for questioning early Saturday as a suspect, as the results of laboratory examinations were awaited, and officially arrested after DNA tests positively identified him as the perpetrator.

A 15-year-old Greek girl was found seriously injured on July 23 at a beach on the popular island of Paros, one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean.

The girl, her mother and her sister were staying at the home of friends for a brief vacation, and after an afternoon swim at the Chryssi Akti beach the mother lost sight of the girl and searched her out, eventually finding the teen unconscious and injured behind an outcropping of rocks. The girl bore several wound to the head and face, while the lower part of her bathing suit was missing. Subsequent tests confirmed that the girl had been raped.

The girl was initially taken to the Paros Health Centre but due to the gravity of her injuries was transferred by helicopter, still unconscious, to the Attiko Hospital in Athens, where she underwent surgery after sustaining serious head injuries.

Genetic material belonging to an unidentified male was later detected on the clothing and body of the teen girl, as well as genetic material under her fingernails, indicating that she had fought with her assailant and bringing police to believe that the girl was sexually assaulted.

The investigation spread to Athens after a young foreign male was reported as suddenly leaving the island on a ferry to Athens after the attack.

The teenager is still being treated at Attiko Hospital, in the intensive care unit, where she is reported in critical condition.

The suspect worked as a gardener at a Paros hotel near the spot where the girl was assaulted. The man was tracked down through his cell phone and was found in an apartment in Nea Halkidona.

On Saturday night, ELAS (Greek Police) press spokesman Christos Manouras announced that «the Greek Police, after a methodical and systematic investigation, has solved the case of the serous assault of a 15-year-old girl on the island of Paros".

"The perpetrator is a 21-year-old foreign national, a citizen of Pakistan, who is in the hands of the police," Manouras said.

He gave a detailed account of the case, including an investigation into all individuals who had departed the island in the days following the attack for various reasons, including three Pakistanis who were traced to an apartment in Nea Halkidona and taken to Attica Security Police headquarters, where one of them, the 21-year-old, confessed to the crime and described the assault in detail.

Manouras said a DNA sample was taken from the 21-year-old and a DNA laboratory test positively identified him as the perpetrator, matching the samples taken from the victim. The 21-year-old will appear before the local prosecutor headquartered on Syros.

The police spokesman further said that the alleged perpetrator was illegally residing in Greece, as were his two Pakistani apartment-mates, who would also be taken before a Syros prosecutor. (AMNA)
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