March 1, 2013

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Rothschild & Soros ' Octopus Over the Balkans - Yugoslavia had to be divided

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Yugoslavia had to be divided to the Rothschild empire and other multinational companies in various forms and under various names companies could "buy", install and handle all profitable businesses throughout the area. Marxism, globalism, the new world order, liberalism ... All these are euphemisms for a phenomenon embodied in the invisible empire of the Rothschild family. To unveil the background and causes of these events, it is necessary to look into the dark history of the Khazar dynasty Rothschild, identify the agents, the gray eminences, the greedy politicians, as well as the mechanisms of their action. Let us start with the Rothschilds, the main characters. They are the ones who are at the top of the pyramid.

The Rothschilds

Although ever since World War II, by the Rothschild departments for the formation of public opinion, spreading the belief that their power today is insignificant and will be remembered by wineries in France or gardens and philanthropy as well as in the UK, the reality provokes us a completely different picture. Relying on the foundations laid by their fathers and grandfathers, today's descendants are completing a mission that has lasted for several centuries. The Rothschilds are the steam engine of a Khazar train now heading for Russia and the vast expanses of Siberia.

The train, which passes through the Balkans, to be filled with armies of newly admitted member of NATO, which will then fight for the Rothschild empire. It's a little known secret that the Rothschilds own the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Paris Club, London Club, and the control of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
  1. Lord Jacob de Rothschild.
  2. son Nathaniel
  3. Baron David de Rothschild,
  4. Sir Evelyn de Rothsčild
  5. David Rockefeller, Sr.. whose son Nick (when he was offered the post of the Governor of Nevada) said to filmmaker Aaron Russo-in about 9/11 before it happened.
  6. Nathan Warburg,
  7. Herr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger,
  8. George Soros, the financiers manipulator
  9. Paul Volcker, an economic adviser to the globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski-OM
  10. Larry Summers, Obama's economic adviser
  11. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs
  12. Ben Shalom Bernanke, head of the US Federal Reserve, bankster.

The Khazars

From 0.90% of today's Jews are originally Khazars. This is a Turkish-Asian tribe, who received the Jewish faith the middle of 8th century. When their empire in the 10th century. dissolved, they settled part of Russia and Europe, and later on the American continent. They are converts and have no Semitic origins. Semitic Jews stem from Palestine and number between 7 and 10 percent. Amschel had five sons, whom he positioned all of Europe. Salomon went to Vienna, Carl to Naples, Nathan to London, James to Paris and the fifth son Amschel stayed in Frankfurt. Sons and their descendants for almost two hundred years to completely subjugated the west. Thus the foundations of "Pax Judaica". The main word has the Anglo-French Rothschild team led by Nathan, son of Jacob Rothschild. English team is led by the aged Edmund and Evelyn with the young Nathan, and the French Guy Rothschild David and Eduard.

George (Schwartz) Soros, the main agent of the Rothschilds

George Soros is a Hungarian Jew (a Khazar), born in Budapest 1930th as Gyorgy Schwartz (in 1936 his parents changed the family name in Soros). Educated in London and fifties goes to the US. Important role in his development was the famous Khazar Carl Popper, who approved Soros's projects and was his guru. In the world of this "gray eminence" shows as "Robin Hood computer age", because, allegedly, takes money from the rich countries and generously shared Eastern Europe and Russia, through their foundations. This way installs "democracy" and "civil society" in countries which suffered and were exhausted during communism, the very communism that pushed in this countries by those very Rothschilds.

He built his career financial speculations all over the world, mostly thanks to his family of investment funds "Quantum Fund", whose managers, and at the same time his agents, are Italian and švajicarski financiers. The connection between Soros and the Rothschilds is achieved through a network of confidential people who sit in administrative committees of funds, trusts, companies, banks ... One of those people was a certain Richard Katch (also a Khazar), a member of "Quantum Fund". At the same time, he was head of "Rothschild Italia SpA" and the committee of the commercial bank "NM Rothschild & Sons" in London. Another important player is O. Niles Taube, also a member of Quantum and a partner of the investment group "St. .. James Park Capital ", which now belongs to Nathaniel Rothschild.

The connection is also realized via Societe Generale Bank, in which the director Michael Cicurel, chairman of Edmund Rothschild's management and a member of the Council of Rothschild & Cie Banque. Also, a frequent partner of Soros's was James Goldsmith and (Khazar), a relative of the Rothschild dynasty.

Soros's Network in Serbia

In Serbia, this gray eminence is preparing the ground for Nathaniel Rothschild and is an important creator of the political, legal, economic and financial, cultural and media image of Serbian society. In this way seeks to supplant the church, language, writing, history, nationalism … His influence network he has built in the nineties through the "Fund for an Open Society", "HLC", "Helsinki Committee", "Belgrade Circle", "European Movement", "Centre for Anti-War Action", "NUNS" , "ANEM", "OTPOR"

Today, all the leading NGOs are branch of the Rothschilds and are entrusted with not only attaining the greatest political influence, but also with the psychological shaping of the nation. Through a permanent imputation of genocide, criminal mentality and collective guilt, these phantom organizations aim to create fear and guilt in people, which is to materialize as indifference to a piece of land, depopulation of Serbs, or rather colonization. It is implemented in the form of liberalism which is supposed to reach metastasis in state institutions, the family, the nation, tradition, culture ... and thus should provide a clear passage for Rothschildovoj empire.

Soros manipulates various non-governmental human rights association to impose collective guilt. Collective guilt is partly justified - by looking at the war in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, but Soros motifs and cliques are not humanitarian and humanistic nature, but it is that only greed motivates people of Lucifer.

In addition to the electronic media, the Soros list includes newspapers and magazines, publishing houses. Under the same controls the information agency Sense and the two leading information agencies in the country, Beta and Fonet. These agencies are also branch offices of AP (Associated Press) and Reuters, which are owned by the Rothschilds since the 19th century.

Soros has also infiltrated and in the cultural and educational institutions, theaters, the National Library, Historical Archives, SANU ... gathered around him a large group of actors, directors, playwrights, musicians, writers, scientists, analysts, former diplomats ... who assist him in animating more and more followers.

Over two Goran, Markovic (whose mentor is Bernard Levy, a friend of Bernard Kouchner) and Paskaljevic demonization of Serbs at film festivals. We should also mention the following educational organizations of Soros's: the Union University, the Alternative Academic Educational Network (AAOM), Belgrade Open School, the Centre for Women Studies (which sprung out of the feminist group "Woman and Society")... They recruit future Soros mercenaries. Center for Advanced Legal Studies Human Rights Watch (HRW) is also present. In the same camp CESID and other organizations engaged in public opinion polls.

A political acquisition of the Rothschilds - In addition to "non-governmental" sector, Soros has laid his hands on the finances, which is controlled by various "experts" funded through the "Open Society". In addition to this, we should point out that Soros has stocks at "Societe Generale" bank, which takes up considerable space in the financial market. The Hague Tribunal is also financed from Soros's funds.

What are the Rothschild interests in Kosovo and Vojvodina

Notable Rothschild enterprises in the region are "Carlyle Group" and the International Crisis Group (ICG), which is headed by Soros, runs a multi-year campaign for an independent Kosovo. Group, in addition to Soros, funded by Rupert Murdoch (Sky broadcaster), Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan ... Members of this group are or were in it: Martti Ahtisaari, James Layon, Morton Abramovich, Louise Arbour, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Wesley Clark, Mihail Khodorkovsky, Torwald Stoltenberg ....

Martti Ahtisaari, a representative of Rothschild - Independence of Kosovo is the interest of the Rothschilds, as it has huge reserves of lead, zinc, gold, coal ... Independence is of crucial interest to the Rothschild mining and metallurgical company, which in this situation have a clean space for downloading scarce mineral resources and energy resources.

Besides sacrificing efforts to grab Kosovo, Soros and the ICG focus their attention to Vojvodina, which, in cooperation with the provincial administration wants to put on the table where sit Croatia, Hungary and Romania as proxies of Rothschild. In this sense, forcing "Danube project" backed by Germany and Austria. Vojvodina would, according to this idea, squeeze into such a Danubian confederation as a "European region". German ambassador Zobel recently, not coincidentally, turned to the public. In the field, the project implements acquisition of agricultural combines, sugar refineries, dairies, oil refineries, banks …

Agricultural estates are increasingly being purchased by Croats, who have already bought several important food companies. This group also took the Dijamant from Zrenjanin, Frikom ... Nexe Group has bought Polet IGK, "Strazilovo" a stake in building materials "Toza Markovic", (and also has a factory for the production of lime and stone, "Jelen Do"), purchased Somboled …

On the other hand, both Austria and Germany have set up their companies in the province. The German company "Nordzucker" bought sugar plants. With MK Commerce it has set Sunoko company, and thus came to the tens of thousands of acres of land. "Herds" has bought Hemofarm. VAC bought Novi Sad daily Dnevnik ... Austrian Erste Bank for the headquarters chose Novi Sad, where they also placed the OTC banking group. Coincides with the more intensive penetration of Hungarian companies into Serbia and the region, along with the political Influencing the Hungarian government, backed by Nathaniel Rothschild. It should be stated that Serbs in Austria have status of a national minority, so that would be the position in the future confederation which would represent the realization of the "Alpe-Adria", an incarnation of the Habsburg Monarchy. 

Investment funds- The second lane of Nathaniel Rothschild performances are mutual funds with Virgin and other exotic islands, which are seemingly owned by "Russian Jews" (in fact, Khazars). The most powerful among them is "Salford" from Virgin Islands, behind which stand Boris Berezovsky (Khazar) and Rothschild capital. The Fund was established in 2001. in London and now owns almost the entire milk industry in Serbia (Imlek, Novi Sad Dairy, Subotica Dairy, Impaz, Zemun), the Bambi concern, Knjaz Milos ... Salford founder Eugen Jeffy, a Khazar from Russia, who has built his career at Alfa Bank in Russia, which is related to Boris Berezovsky and Friedman.

Boris Berezovsky - Rothschild agent in charge of the destruction of Putin. Member of the board of Salford is Lord Tim Bell, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, who was very close to Berezovsky, Rupert Murdoch, Viktor Yushchenko, was in good relations with Yeltsin. In addition, the president of this fund is Klaus Mangel who performed with Boris Berezovsky selling Mercedes cars in Russia. In addition to Salford, strengthens its position "Ashmore" investment fund that has recently taken over "Carnex" from previous owner Risorsiza of Midland. Ashmore is controlled by the Rothschild Atticus. The owner of Ashmore, Michael Benson, a former member of the "Amvescap Plc", a company where the capital of Atticus is. "Midland Resources" is a third important investment fund run by Alexander Schneider and Eduard Schifrin (both of whom are Khazars!). Midland group owns the hotels Park and Kasina (the oldest hotel in Belgrade) and Pancevo Port.

Royal performance - The third lane of colonization is occupied by companies in the construction, mining, metal industry, finances, banking and publishing, most of which are directly related to the youthful Rothschild. One of them and also the most active in the region is "Trigranit", headquartered in Budapest, which for the last few years it has grown into a regional giant and a leader in big Trigranit Rothschild investment projects. It constructed a number of business and financial centers in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria.
In Croatia to build a sports hall with 20,000 seats with business premises. In Serbia, Trigranit-vested in the construction of the railway station "Prokop" (it has not started yet). Branch "Riotinto" (one of the world's largest mining company) was granted the concession to exploit the boron ore (which can still be found only in China and Turkey) near the Ibar Baljevac. There are also other mining company Glencore, which is controlled through his agent Marc Rich (a Khazar) and Phelps Dodge, where the capital "Atticus" (Rothschild's investment fund). The two companies are competing for the remaining mining basins.
Through the Indian company "Mittal" was purchased Magnohrom from Kraljevo. Otherwise Mittal family is a longtime representative of Rothschild dynasty. The administration takes place Mittal Wilbur Ross, a longtime banker Rothschild. Besides Mittal, with the same name Rothschild family hold the "Field Fresh Foods", a company that manufactures and exports food from India.

The banking and financial sectors are also dominated by the dynasty. Leading banks, such as Banca Intesa, Credit Agricole, Unicredit group, Societe General are controlled by the Rothschilds.

The lever which provides control is Anton Bernheim (a Khazar), who heads the Delta Generali group. Greek banks "Piraeus" and "lay" in the control of Marfin financial group, that contains Rothschild capital. Sandor Gany, one of the "co-owner" Trigranit, allows Rothschild expansion in banking via his OTP group.
OTP is in Serbia bought three banks: Kula, Nis and Zepter bank. Metals Bank from Novi Sad was bought by the Rothschild "JNR Limited" (Jacob and Nathaniel Rothschild) investment fund.

Young Rothschild controls the Hungarian oil company MOL, also through Ganyia. - Anton Bernheim MOL is present on the Serbian market since 2005. year and is a serious candidate for participation in the privatization of the oil industry. It should be stated that jr NM Rothschild financial advisor to NLB Continental, Slovenian banking group. Rothschilds participated in the privatization of Mobtel. In the publishing industry through the Slovene present "Youth book," which is part of the "Reader's Digest", an American company whose part has recently been bought by the Rothschild Sandor Gany.

Montenegro, Terra Rothschildiana

Arrival of the delegation Rothschild, immediately after the referendum (which was carried out in the same directed by the same people), meant the branding of "colonized" the one of the oldest Serbian countries. Jacob Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild were thus obtained another colony. Today, Montenegro is completely owned by Khazar companies run by the Rothschilds. Pattern is the same. Colonization, as well as in the region, led by the Rothschilds, among them are "Russian" businesspeople, Soros ...

You need to appropriate ports, resources, metallurgical plants, tourist capacities ...

As in Serbia and other countries of the region, Soros had previously built a network of non-governmental organizations. CEDEM, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, "Human Rights Action" and "querum Hominem" are just some of them. On this we can add the controlled media (ANEM), through which he carried, turned out to be successful, anti-Serb campaign. In cooperation with European organizations and the Venice commission (one of whose members is VojinDimitrijević) actively supported the project of independence.

Serbian Republic

In the Republic of Serbian, which is under constant pressure aiming at its complete annihilation, the Rothschilds have entered through the Soros Foundation, Mittal Steel corporation, Salford ....

Soros, according to established custom, he founded several non-governmental organizations with the same goal as in Serbia (the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, "Lex international" ...). Soros's media are gathered around the international organization "Press Now" and the Soros media center in Sarajevo. Some of these media are "the Independent newspaper," Alternative Television Banja Luka, Net journalist ...

In the field of industry, Salford bought the Banja Luka dairy, the largest in the Serbian Republic. The company Strabag (Deripaska) was granted concession to construct a network of highways.

The company Mittal Steel Zenica bought over the RZR Ljubija complex of mines with great reserves of iron rude. It should be noted that the present Russian state company "Južuralzoloto", has become a strategic partner of the mining plant Sase in Srebrenica and "Zarubezhneft", which bought the refinery oil and oil (Modrica, Petrol). This way has been prevented further penetration of MOL and Mittal.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the Muslim-Croat entity in the field of mining and metallurgy Mittal leads the group that occupied the Zenica steelworks, one of the largest in the Balkans. Mittal is incorporated into the mining complex of of the Republic Serbian Ljubija.

The field of energy is reserved for MOL, which has bought over the state oil company Energopetrol. The investment fund of Boris Berezovsky, Salford, has taken over the dairy industry (Mlekoprodukt - K.Dubica, Campomil - Sarajevo). It is expected the takeover of Ljubljana dairy plants that include dairy Tuzla. Banking and finance sector is being dominated by Rothschild banks Unicredit, Intesa ...

In the Federation, since 1993 Soros has been present network of NGOs. This network, as well as in other countries, particularly anti-Serb oriented. Among the more renowned members of Soros's Open Society have been Jacob Finns and Ivan Straus (Khazars). In addition to OSI, we can mention "Builds" Sarajevo Center, the Helsinki Committee, "Women of Bosnia" and other non-governmental organizations. Since the media is controlled daily newspaper "Liberation" magazine "Start", NTV Hayat, news agency "ONASA" ..


Unlike the other Balkan states, Croatia was occupied by the Rothschilds mainly from Hungary, which is the basis of the spread of the Khazar dynasty. Over Unicredit and Intesa bank took over Zagreb and Privredna Bank. In Croatia Soros is less present than in other countries. Strongest trump card from the non-governmental sector is Zarko Puhovski.

In addition to MOL which took over the oil company INA, another important Rothschild company in Croatia industry is Trigranit. Founded by a consortium Ingra - Trigranit (Ingra - led by Igor Oppenheim, a Khazar). The consortium built a sports arena in Zagreb, with 20,000 seats. Trigranit also has ambitious plans on the Croatian coast. In the field of telecommunications is present T-Mobile.


FYROM after the break, shared the fate of the other colonies in the region. In other words, sovereignty and independence have remained at the level of theory while the other carried stranes quiet occupation and economic resources with the promise of "bright future" in the EU. At the same time a pro-Albanian forces the option of completing the project of a Greater Albania.

The central place in FYROM is occupied by Mittal Steel Skopje, a part of Mittal corporation, which has bought over the metallurgy plant in Skopje, thus securing dominance in the region. In the banking sector, has taken over Ohrid Bank Societe Generale.

On the other hand, Soros openly supports Albanian interests. For this purpose a number of influential organizations - the Helsinki Committee, the Centre for Multicultural Understanding, the Association for Democratic Initiatives, all dominated by Albanians. The same is the case with the media. Soros under the control of the television "Shutel" radio Watts, Life ... Soros also credited the FYROManian government during 1994. year with the US $25 million. During the same period, gained great influence on the then prime minister and current president of Macedonia, Branko Crvenkovski. Branko Crvenkovski openly supported the Martti Ahtisaari plan for Kosovo …

Branko Crvenkovski, Soros puppet

Soros is involved in the FYROManian mobile phone company MT via "via" Stonebridge Communications "company, in which he has shares. Incidentally, MT is indirectly controlled by the Rothschilds through "Blackstone Group", a huge financial-investment group which was founded in 1985 by their agents Peter George Peterson and Stefan Schwartzman (a Khazar). Both of them had previously made careers in Rothschild branch offices "Lehman Brothers" and "Kuhn Loeb Inc.". Blackstone group is the leading stockholder of "Deutsche Telekom" (T-Mobile), which is composed of Hungarian mobile phone company Matav owner of the FYROManian mobile operator MT. "T-Mobile" is the second mobile operator in FYROM.

On way to their goal the Rothschilds bring into play reforms, transitions, shock therapies, elections, referendums, secessions, revolutions, civil wars, military interventions ... Nations are offered "freedom", "democracy" and voluntary enslavement in return for their independence and resources! Alternative sanctions, isolation and bombing!



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