November 11, 2012

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SHOCK - Papandreou Gaining $1mil A Year For Publically Speaking About Greece's Drama!

English: George Papandreou 日本語: ゲオルギオス・パパンドレウ
English: George Papandreou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Even though George Papandreou has more or less withdrawn from Greek politics, he is still making a great deal of money by selling our country's drama to all who want to be enlightened! This former Greek premier, who is probably the most loathed man in Greece at the moment, is today enjoying an international career as a public speaker on subjects that concern the financial crisis in countries hit with huge debt problems. All of this of course at the asking fee...

How hypocritical can the global elite be?

This man, who led Greece to complete economic catastrophe (with the blessings and suspected support of George Soros), is today actually enlightening others.

On what? How to do the same?

But it doesn't end there, even more startling is the fact that he is even evolving into a a sought-after public speaker and according to press reports in Greece he is booked to address at least 18 such international events in the coming months. And from all these appearances, which Protothema claims will run until the summer of 2013, Papandreou is expected to make at least $1 million dollars, according to an article in ProtoThema.

Let's run this by you one more time folks... Papandreou is "selling" Greece's economic downfall to interested (corporate) thinkers, or economic analysts (or otherwise known as greedy market traders) and actually making money out of it!

And here is where the paradox lays: As the Greek crisis deepens and reaches a worrisome stalemate from the unsuccessful economic "medicine" that the Troika continues to deliver to us, Greece obviously remains in the forefront of international discussions, and all of this is actually helping Papandreou to gain more fame and fatten his wallet even more!

The agency that actually represents him, and books these appearances notes that George Papandreou will be paid with $ 55,000 dollars for every speech he makes, and also notes that this sum can be increased.

Aside from this, he is also gaining $20,000 dollars every quarter as a "Fellow" at Harvard Kennedy School, as stipulated in his contract. Enrollment in his classes are so high, that there was actually a battle amongst students who eagerly want to learn how to redesign Europe.

As if that was not enough, Papandreou also receives a monthly salary of 7,500 Euros for being a Greek parliament MP.

Shortly after the article in Protothema was published it must of hit a nerve because George Papandreou's political office issued a press release announcing that it was planning to take action against the newspaper over this very report. The announcement said that Papandreou s will no longer tolerate defamatory publications about him and noted (and here is where we fell to the floor in laughter) that through the speeches he gives he is actually "raising (awareness about Greek) national positions".  (Oh brother...) (Articles in Greek - sigmalive   the best - protothema

Editor's Note -  What a pitiful man he is for marketing and making money from Greece's financial collapse. As for all of you who actually rush and pay money to actually see and hear him speak- Only three words can characterize you in our eyes - Twisted, Demented and really Sick!

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