March 6, 2018

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HellasFrappe is Back And in Full Operation!!!

It has been a a long time since I last posted an article on hellasfrappe, but I am back and excited to begin posting again.
As Editor of HellasFrappe I want to thank all of you for trusting this blog all these years and for allowing me to continue the dream that Mike and I had when we first designed it and published our first article. Since his passing in 2014, I was not successful in maintaining the dream, but have regrouped and reorganized things, so that I can once again provide all of you with free and interesting news and information. The only thing I ask, is that you consider making a donation to the blog. These funds are crucial for the blog's maintenance and development.
Soon hellasfrappe will gain a new name, go live on YouTube, and I am also looking into Patreon. There you can become a member and every week I will post various podcasts where I plan to analyze my thoughts and feelings on various matters of interest to all of us. Patreon allows artists to gain an audience who in return donates a small amount to view or listen to these podcasts. This will allow me to easily maintain this blog, as well as interview various personalities, as well as host many of the fans that still support this blog.
If you want to make a donation now, then that is welcome as well. In fact I encourage it. Remember, any amount large or small will contribute to supporting our mission which is to seek the truth on all fronts. We need your support.
I will make an announcement in the weeks to come about the new blog. 
Until then...
Much love to all,
Marina Spanos

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