August 4, 2012

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Albanians Set Up New "Imia" Incident Off Of Corfu (VIDEO)

An incredible incident occurred on Friday morning in the sea area that boarders Greece and Albania and particularly near Corfu across from Agious Saranta. The extreme nationalist leader of the Red  and Black Alliance Kreshnik Spahiu, along with officials and activists of the organization, manned a ship and literally set new borders between the two countries with colors. The organizers had intended to actually reach the imaginary boundary line, but were refused access to do so by the Albanian police. Kreshnik Spahiu, said that the Alliance wanted to implement the Albanian Constitutional Court's decision and place the border between the two countries where THEY think it should be and not where it is today.  Indicative is the video at the following link which was broadcasted on Albanian TV: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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