November 2, 2013

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PASOK MP Implicated In Karamanlis Wire-Tapping Case - Breached State Secrets

The buzz in the press on Friday, and certainly one of the most controversial stories, concerns the investigation into the assassination attempt and illegal wire-tapping scandal against former prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, which on Friday took on a unpredictable (or predictable) turn. According to press reports, judicial officials are now closing in on several individuals which they feel played a catalytic role in both cases. Unfortunately the story was swept under the rug on Friday night because of the terrorist attack against the Golden Dawn party -which resulted in the death of two of its members-, and the Greek press did not even open the subject on the nightly news. Not to worry though, HellasFrappe is always on top of things. Besides would we miss an opportunity to lash out at our least favorite party? NEVER!!!

(It should be reminded that the 2008 December riots, the Wire-Tapping Scandal against the former PM, and the Pythia Plan -which aimed at assassinating the former prime minister as well as destabilising Greece socially, economically and politically- were all merged into one massive investigation by a Prosecutor of the Hellenic Supreme Court, and the investigation has been ongoing for two years now).

According to the reports, magistrate Mr. D. Foucas who is investigating this huge case, summoned Michalis Karchimakis to give evidence in a judicial investigation that is focused on the wiretapping scandal, which was first uncovered in 2005, after a top-secret document was found at his home.(Note the PASOK MP is not implicated in the wire-tapping scandal directly, but rather on the sidelines of this huge state investigation.)

Who is Mr. Karchimakis? Well... here is where it gets interesting. Michalis Karchimakis  is a leading PASOK MP who was also the party's General Secretariat several years ago after being hand selected by (none other... than) George Papandreou. The charges against him are very serious, and include the breach of confidential state secrets.

Foukas also filed charges against an employee from the Greek intelligence service (EYP), who apparently apologized for her acts and according to reports she was then released on restrictive terms. So why is Karhimakis being slapped with breaching confidential State secrets, and why is a former intelligence officer facing similar charges? Well, according to the same reports, Michalis Karchimakis was accused by an officer from Greece’s National Intelligence Service (EYP) of asking for top-secret documents to be given to him in 2006. This is what prompted magistrate Dimitris Foukas to oversee a search of Karchimakis’s house, where a secret document was discovered. The ex-minister now faces charges of breaching the state secrets law and is requested to appear before the magistrate on November 8.

It should be reiterated that Foukas is investigating the circumstances surrounding the wiretapping scandal that helped unidentified eavesdroppers listen in on the mobile phone conversations of then Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and more than 100 others before, during and after the 2004 Athens Olympics. Ericsson, which supplied the telephone exchange that was hacked into, and Vodafone, which was the service provider, were both fined by the Hellenic Authority of Communications Security and Privacy (ADAE) in 2007 for failing to protect the privacy of those who had their phones hacked, which included the head of EYP, several ministers and members of the armed forces.

The wiretaps were discovered by Ericsson on March 7, 2005 and Vodafone immediately asked for the software to be deactivated. Investigating authorities said that this decision prevented them from discovering who was recording the conversations, although EYP stated that the source of the eavesdropping was somewhere in central Athens.

Reports also noted that Foukas’s investigation has at the same time uncovered the alleged involvement of a foreign national in the wiretaps and that judicial authorities are now trying to track down the suspect.

We want to once again remind readers that all three cases (2008 December riots, Wire-Tapping Scandal, and Pythia Plan - which was the backbone to the assassination attempt and destabilization plan against Karamanlis and Greece) were all merged into one massive investigation by a Prosecutor of the Hellenic Supreme Court. The integration and correlation of files, on the one hand, documents the motives and deceit committed in all three cases, and on the other, intends to present dramatic evidence as to the "why" or the background of all three cases.

More specifically the move to bind all three cases has as its aim to:
  • Reveal the names of foreign intelligence agents involved in these cases.
  • Reveal a document that proves that George Papandreou was well aware about the "postponement or total dismissal" of various policies that dealt with several Greek pipeline agreements (especially those signed between Greece and Russia).
  • Reveal information about mysterious Cypriot deposits that in return reveal other startling evidence.
  • Reveal evidence proving that Costas Karamanlis was instructed in February 2009 to avoid any movement in Athens (in other words was warned to take security measures), and this resulted in confining him only at the Maximos Mansion and his home in Rafina (giving the opposition and the media a reason to say that he wasn't active and was worn out).
  • Reveal that specific "journalists" were collaborating with foreign centers (against the government at the time as well as Greece). Wikileaks has already published a cable outlining that foreign powers involved in this case. (Incidentally in one of those cables which are featured here on HellasFrappe under Features and then under Leaks, Karamanlis was baptized as "Buddha", from several (idiotic) reporters who apparently used this characterization against him to create strange connotations that were involved with this case).
  • Reveal evidence that foreign embassies operating in Athens were convinced that Karamanlis would fall in 2008 -or after the 'accidental' fires in the Peloponnese-. (Tip: If you can put two and two together, then try and remember which politicians said they wanted the tanks on the streets in December, and you will hit the jackpot!)
  • Reveal evidence about a bomb that was discovered at a shipowners dinner gala but which was luckily removed before being detonated!
  • Reveal shocking testimony from the former head of the Greek Intelligence Agency Mr.Korantis (who later became an MP with the LAOS party).
  • And many other aspects of the case will be presented as well.
  • Check the article we featured on this by clicking here
The role of the former adviser to George Papandreou, or the mysterious Alex Rondos is also being investigated. HellasFrappe had featured an article by the Epikaira magazine about this mystery man in the past, and featured a couple of stories on him that certainly open a series of discussions. For one, he is 100 percent in favor of opening up the Aegean to Turkey, and two, this man always somehow appears in countries that are either rich in oil (and natural gas) or that will house energy pipelines.

Alex Rondos, who was a leading adviser at the Greek Foreign Ministry or while George Papandreou was there, (and while he was prime minister) is indeed an enigma. Rondos is apparently is a man of many missions in former Soviet republics that have "energy", with involvement in many NGOs in these countries, and a crucial role in the politics of Georgia which went into suicidal war against Russia in 2008, etc. etc. etc. Basically he is a man who has somehow mysteriously appeared in all the "hot spots" all over the world.

Let us not forget that Korantis had apparently informed the prosecution that Rondos was the man who knew about the conspiracy to assassinate Costas Karamanlis -leaving it to be understood that so did Papandreou-, but of course the former head of EYP never revealed anything else about him but rather said that the information that was given to Greek intelligence by Russian officers -about this whole case and the people involved- proved completely reliable.

Please read the stories below for more details, as well as to reference the wiretapping case, the assassination plot, and find out who Mr. Rondos is. (All information is sourced, and references are made)

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