February 15, 2013

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MERCY - Papandreou Defends His Policies, Blames Everyone Else for the Crisis

George Papandreou (junior)
George Papandreou (junior) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The only word one can say is MERCY, as if he and his wannabes haven't done enough damage, now they want to present themselves as saviors as well!

The supporters (yes there are a few that actually still exist) of former premier George Papandreou released a presentation on Friday titled Debunking15 myths. The aim of the presentation was an answer  to all of Papandreou's critics and political opponents who are convinced that the former PM is greatly responsible for the Greek and European crisis. It was also an attempt to throw dust in our eyes that he did not know about the true state of the Greek economy before the October 2009 elections, and that he was not responsible for the swelling of the public deficit (but he forgets that it happened only after he gained power).

The presentation is more like a confession, dusted with rose petals since it presents a whole different scope on everything we know about this crisis until now. In fact, it presents a Utopian image of Greece before his total downfall, since his supporters truly believe -or are probably paid very well to support this- that the world before and after Papandreou was a total chaos and was only a well functioning state while he was leading the country! And what's worse, they even list Papandreou's achievements during this period!

It then claims that Papandreou "saved" Greece and its people from total destruction and that he was the only one who dared to do this, while "others" (meaning his political opponents) went into hiding.

Without one ounce of remorse for all the damage he has done to Greece, and all the misery he has brought on to millions of Greek people, George Papandreou actually defended the policies he adopted during his run in government even though it was these very decisions that led Greece to the IMF. Till this day, this man, who has no respect from this writer whatsoever, refuses to accept responsibility -and especially to acknowledge- his part for Greece's downfall.

In his world, or basically in his mind, Papandreou did everything right, so why blame him, just simply point the finger elsewhere, and that they did! In other words Papandreou is not responsible for the 1,4 million people who have been left without work since 2009, the more than 4,000 that have committed suicide, the tens of thousands that are now living on the streets, the millions who have no money to heat their homes, for all of those who have no food to feed their children, for the cancer patients who today cannot find medication, and for all those souls who wait on soup kitchen lines or search rubbish bins for a piece of bread... No, he is not responsible at all. Everyone else is responsible but him, because in Papandreou's world he did everything right!

He even has the manhood to point the finger at the former government of Costas Karamanlis who he insists knew, but concealed, the real numbers of the deficit, but he forgets that Dominique Strauss Khan has already revealed how Papandreou approached him about getting help from the IMF months before we signed the first memorandum (or exactly when he gained office). And its not like he gained power and called Dominique the very same day... He was very well aware of what was going on, but still went ahead and duped millions of people into voting for him by saying "money exists."

This man, who doesn't have an ounce of shame that our country has now lost its sovereignty because of his actions, boldly claims that the market spreads did not skyrocket on account of some negative statements that were made by certain members of his government (example his George Papakostantinou infamous characterization of the Greek economy where he described it as a sinking "titanic"), wanting us to believe that the spreads increased because these were the market trends at the time. Not being able to further support this argument, because it was obviously not in his best interest, his supporters then claim that during Papandreou's two-year term many actions were adopted to combat tax evasion but again are totally vague in describing something concrete.

We are surprised that he didn't ask to be awarded for taking our country back three generations!


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