May 30, 2013

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German Stock Broker - IMF Deliberately Destroyed Greek Economy To Get Access To Its Natural Reserves!

If you thought Dan Brown's "The Davinci Code" was a controversial novel, then wait till you read the book "Showdown" by German financier and well known stock broker Dirk Muller otherwise known as Mr. Dax. There is only one major difference here: "The Davinci Code" was a fictional novel, "Showdown" on the other hand is not.

Everything that HellasFrappe has supported over the past two and a half years about Greece, the fall of the Costas Karamanlis government-, how Greece's economy crashed, and the rise to power of George Papandreou as well as the shady role he played to lead our country into the arms of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been vindicated in Mr. Dax's book.

According to Mr. Dax, Papandreou is nothing more than a puppet for the U.S. and Dora Bakoyanni has first-hand knowledge about Greece's vast natural reserves. This kind of explains why Bakoyanni's family always supported George Papandreou and the Costas Simitis clan, and why she was a favorite of the Bush family and welcomed with open arms in the US. Karamanlis, on the other hand, was not.

He says that the IMF has done everything in its power to harm the Greek economy, or devalue Greece economically, so that Greece could be more attractive to multinational corporations (in other words be sold out at a rock-bottom price!)

He also says that the crisis in Greece was deliberately triggered by the US because the Americans wanted Greece to secede from the EU so that they could secure the amounts of oil and natural gas deposits in the Greek seas and especially in the eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, he adds, they wanted to destabilize the Eurozone so that they could prevent the rise of the Euro as a global reserve currency!

These are just some of the MEGA BOMBS that Muller wrote in his book, but there is more.

He says that Greece would have been better off leaving the Eurozone and going back to its own currency, because Europe realized that the game is now between the US and China.
     "One does not send the sixth fleet against Europe, its banks, its rating agencies, and the weapons of secret diplomacy, only Wall Street (does that)," notes Mr. Dax.

According to him, "Greece is not poor," and he says that our country is actually sitting on huge oil and natural gas reserves that could solve all of this country's financial problems. He also notes that the debt crisis was triggered in Greece so that the Americans can come in and snap a share of the profits.
    "When I talk to politicians about it, I see hollow eyes," says Muller. "The German people know nothing about these hydrocarbon reserves."
Thankfully, now they do. Muller's story has circulated well in Germany, and he has given a number of interviews about it and from what we learn more and more people are getting informed.

Another interesting statement that was also made in his book about Greece's foreign policy concerns the so called grey zones in the Aegean where it is left to be understood that they were created in order to be disputed on purpose. Specifically, Muller says that the "grey zones" in the Greek seas are located in "politically controversial territories", which he adds are claimed by Turkey (for instance Kastelorizo, the Dodecanese Islands, Northern Aegean, South of Crete). These zones he adds, are extremely rich oil and natural gas deposits.

In his opinion, the ultimate clash of interests boils down to geopolitical interests.

Mr. Dax did his homework very well.

We can honestly say that he has become an expert "explainer" (if that indeed is a word) of the economic crisis, even more than Max Keiser! 

In fact in a recent interview he went into further details on why the US wanted Karamanlis out of the way, and gave his expert opinion on what their plans were for Europe.
     "The US wanted Karamanlis out of office to implement their plans."
He added that the US would do everything in its power to maintain the dollar as the only world currency.

This makes a lot of sense, because the US would never sit idly by and allow the Euro to escalate as the global currency. They have their own interests, and certainly they would never risk it.

Even so, he says that the Euro would still crumble (whether or not the U.S. used its manipulation to destroy it or not). 

     "We witnessed its downfall after 2008 and with culminated attacks in 2010. Greece was the key. Greece was the only country (in Europe) that could destroy the Euro."
According to him, Greece has been the Achilles heel of the euro for many reasons:
     "On the one hand there was the need to slowdown the rise of the euro, while on the other they wanted access to Greece's hydrocarbon reserves and this was very difficult with Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, who was more sympathetic to Vladimir Putin and Russia."
Because of this, he argues, there was targeted destabilization of Greece (during the period 2008-2009) and then refers to the Russian intelligence reports which he notes are currently being investigated by the Greek justice system (he is referring to the Pythia plan to destablize Greece economically, politically and socially, something that George Papandreou was well aware of, according to the information presented in various reports).

Speaking about Papandreou, Muller then comments on George's proposal for a referendum and asks whose interests was he serving at the time when he made this announcement?"
     "We must ask ourselves, what role did Papandreou play and on whose behalf? "...
     "14 days after taking office (Papandreou's) Minister of Finance (George  Papakonstantinou) told Brussels that the deficit was larger (than expected) and essentially threw Greece at the edge of a cliff ... This is what triggered all the mechanisms (in the EU and on the markets) against Greece. And all this all occurred after Papandreou came to power, "adds Mr Dax, who does not stop his attack against George Papandreou.
     "He and his people did everything in their power to turn Europe and Germany against them (or rather against Greece)," says Muller.
So does the downfall of the Karamanlis government, the discrediting of Costas Karamanlis himself, the rise of George Papandreou, the sudden economic crisis in Greece all still sound too far far-fetched for you? Or does it still sound like a wild conspiracy theory that HellasFrappe conjured up?

Frappers, this is not HellasFrappe's opinion, but someone who knows the markets very, very well. All we have done over the last few years is read between the lines, and respected the truth.

Still not convinced? Then think back at everything that has happened to Greece over the last four years. Ask yourselves why (or better yet which forces)  attempted to assassinate Costas Karamanlis -while in office-. The ask yourselves how a person like George Papandreou (who is the most incompetent man alive) rose to power and why the economic crisis which started in the US was suddenly transported to Europe. Then ask yourselves why Wall Street and the clan of George Soros made a lot of money off of our country. It is all in Muller's book!

And if you can't afford, or don't have access to his book, you can always search the archives here on HellasFrappe by typing in assassination, Karamanlis, Pythia, or even Hillary came to Greece to seal natural gas and oil reserves! - HellasFrappe has it all, and we have been the only English source that has remained true to this theory from Day 1.


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