May 26, 2013

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Papandreou & Angelopoulos To Form New Party With The Blessings of the Clintons!

With the blessings of Hillary and Bill Clinton, George Papandreou and Gianna Angelopoulos are the main personalities that press reports claim will head the leadership of a new party in Athens, titled the Democrats. The US will finally have two figures it trusts in Athens and the new party could possibly even battle heads with the pro-Europe New Democracy party, as well as PASOK and DIMAR.

As mentioned earlier, the new party is going to be modeled after the relevant party in the US. The official Democratic party in Greece denied this report, but there are too many reports surfacing all over the Greek press that claim that it is true.

When we heard the name of the party here at HellasFrappe we began to laugh, because much like Pizza Hut and KFC it looks like politics are now going global as well.

On a serious note, it is still unknown what type of role Gianna and George will play, but it is believed that she will probably deal with foreign contacts while George Papandreou lays the groundwork (or awakens his shady socialist network) all over Greece.

(We wonder how many advisers he will need for that, last time he required a whole mess of people just to keep is IPad in top working order! Lol)

Gianna never hidden her political ambitions. In fact when former premier Costas Karamanlis was in power it was reported that she was pressuring him through Eleftheros Typos (a newspaper which she had owned) to nominate her for President of the Republic.

As for George, well three years after totally destroying Greece's economy and ridiculing our country and its people globally, he plans to make a comeback. In fact George Papandreou says that he is now ready and willing to return to the central political scene so that he can answer to all of his critics and at the same time prove to all concerned that the decisions he took in office were for Greece's benefit.

(God help us all!)

With George's mastery in lies, Gianna's charm in deception and a dark and shady global network around the Clintons, one thing is certain, Soros' plans for Greece, and the wider region will become even easier than expected.

Looks like it is going to be an interesting summer.


Editor's Note - Some info on George Papandreou which we find pretty interesting. In 2009 Greeks elected a full blown American as their prime minister, and ousted a man that was more pro-Europe and pro-Russia. Papandreou's first and original name was Jefferson (he was born in the US), the family later changed it to Georgios (his information was available on his wikipedia entry until a few years ago).

Some say that George Papandreou is the "Greek" version of Bill Clinton, a real child of the 60s.

Some also say that he is Jewish (the maternal line of his father was Jewish) and it is believed that his mother was Jewish as well. (But this is irrelevant).

His father, Andreas Papandreou, founded the center-left in Greece (or the PASOK party), which was developed and fully supported by the West. In other words, PASOK was a 100% US creation since it was the only way that the communists could be stopped from gaining astounding electoral results in the 1980s in Greece. The idea was simple. They created a third force in Greek politics which was between the Right and the Left, and used left-wing rhetoric. It worked, because the trend at the time was tilting towards the left and PASOK was quickly supported by the vast majority of those who wanted economic reforms but without having red commissars and soviet troops in Greece.

Basically the creation of PASOK was a typical US Cold War strategy which worked pretty well.

Andreas Papandreou, or the founder of PASOK, spent most of his time in the US. While there he served in the US navy and was a trotskyist (something which apparently opened several prominent positions at American universities for him). He apparently always claimed that there were two Americas. There was the "bad" America of the corporations, the CIA, Reagan etc and on the "good" America of the Kennedys, the democratic party etc. (We agree)

He was (according to his claims) with the "good America". (This is highly doubtful)

Andreas might of used many anti-NATO, anti-US, anti-West slogans in his pre-election rhetoric but we all know that it was just jargon because he kept Greece in NATO, he did not severe the ties with the EU and of course he never expelled the US-NATO bases (and the stationed nuclear weapons) from Greece.

The Papandreou dynasty was and is the real pro-American force in Greece. No wonder Jeffrey Papandreou (or GAP) essentially severed all the ties Greece had developed with Russia between 2004 and 2009.

Andreas Papandreou served the US by keeping Greece in all western institutions and away from the former Soviet Union, he also did it in a few other ways, but this will be analyzed at another time. His son, Jeffrey/Georgios (George or GAP) Papandreou did the same, and served (and still does) the US by supporting multiculturalism and the "Open Society" policies of George Soros. (In simple words this means that he too supports the replacement of the native Greek population with Islamic/Asian and African hordes, as Soros does).

Keep in mind that until 1991 Greece was an almost 100% homogeneous country and with 98% Greek orthodox population (the rest 2% were a few catholics of ethnic Greek origin and some Muslims). Today almost 1/3 of the population are illegal immigrants....  Foreigners who Mr. Papandreou believes can become Greeks, due to his 1960s American way of understanding race and nations. As he said there can be Greeks of Philippine or Somalian or Pakistani origin. As you have Americans of Japanese or Mexican origin... (In other words, fabricated Greeks). 

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