March 12, 2013

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OPINION - Papandreou Family Destroyed Greece - The People Are Ready to Explode

The following article which was written by Alex Zachus and published on October 28, 2011 was featured on Zachus' views on the political scene as well as the Papandreou family are spot on. We encourage all of you to read it with an open mind. The article was written about two years ago, and HellasFrappe has brought it up to date, as well as added a little bit more information to its content, but we refused to change Zachus' views. Enjoy.

Greece is a boiling pot ready to explode. Things are going to turn ugly and soon as society here is fed up with illegal immigration and the deconstruction of our founding values. And I don't mean the "orange" riots of December 2008. I mean real riots...  Here is how we got to this crisis:

After the military dictatorship ended in 1974, the Greek political scene has been dominated by two families (Papandreou and Caramanlis). The Papandreou clan has been the oldest political clan in Greece starting its involvement with public life at around 1923 in the royal court of Greece

This clan was established by George Papandreou senior. He rose to political monolithism after the extermination of the WW2 leadership of Greece under Ioannis Metaxas and Alexander Koryzis. After the mysterious deaths of these leaders, he was handpicked by the allies to represent the sovereign Greek government in Cairo.

He was married to Sophia Mineiko a Polish-Jew whose father built fortification walls for Turks during the liberation of Northern Greece in the 1910s. Information about the family is scarce, even on the internet. To cut a long story short, after WW2 George Papandreou senior reigned in the public life from 1945 until 1967.

His son Andreas Papandreou reigned from 1981 until his death in 1996. An American Greek, Andreas was a Trotskyist at the age of early 20s, to the point he left Greece under Metaxas in 1938, to pursue a career as a lecturer and professor at several universities in the US.
    "For starters, just so that we all know what we're talking about we must examine his family tree: Zygmund Mineyko:  A Jewish Pole engineer who designs armaments for the Turks, so that they can fight those Greeks who fought for freedom."
    [ed: the Mineyko family history can be found here. Z.M. was born 1840 and was in fact on our side - a service for which he was decorated by the Greek state.]
    "Zygmund has a daughter, Zofia. Zofia marries George Papandreou from Achaia, and together they have Andreas Papandreou. Andreas leaves the country to study in America in 1941 and marries the American Jew Margaret Chant in 1951. Margaret Chant's father was Douglas Chant who served as president of the Jehovah's witnesses of America." 

He married Margaret Chant in 1951 (who gave birth to George Papandreou -in Minnesota- and is a controversial personality involved in dubious NGO projects and exerts great influence on her son). Andreas returned to Greece in 1959 where he served in several important positions (chief advisor to his father, deputy prime minister) after renouncing his American citizenship.

He then ruled from 1981-1989 and 1993-1996. During his time in government, his son George served as Minister of Education and began the de-christianization process which is now in full motion. Later, as foreign minister, he planted the seeds of the defeatism in Greece's foreign policy.


The Papandreou's were involved in a huge scandal and cover up in the United States (apart from the ones in Greece), that rocked the Greek-American community.This involved a Greek bank (or the Ktimatiki Bank),which lured Greek-Americans with high interest returns, and evasion of the IRS.

However the whole scheme blew up in their faces, as the FBI infiltrated the game play, and this resulted to a lot of people losing their savings and serving many years in prison. (Reports since then claim that arrest warrants were issued and some of PASOK's cadres were even blacklisted from entering the US again.)

The money trail was traced back to the controversial "pink villa" where Papandreou lived with his second wife.

(The scheme was in the region of 700 million dollars in the 1980s.)

Despite the overwhelming evidence (all the money ended up in the Papandreous family coffers), no one was charged for the scheme apart from a small fish who dared to make 15% on their petty cash stash.

One would think that because of a Chavez-like anti American rhetoric on which he was elected, the Americans would use this opportunity to put him in prison, they didn't. Even Britian's MI6 was puzzled at the time. Moreover, when broadcasting this newstory CNN cut the sattelite link to Greece and the story got totally burried.

Papandreou died in 1996 and was succeeded in a internal party coup by Costas Simitis. (He is a crypto jew whose father was minister of the guerrilla communist government with high royal connections). Simitis took the leadership of the party and ruled Greece until 2004. By cooking stats and data, he managed to get Greece into the Eurozone and pillage the savings of the Greek people through a stock market swindle (in 2000).


While all the political parties in Greece have a share to the current situation, the Papandreou clan (and especially the Simitis clan that followed) did the biggest damage. With the import of immorality, nepotism and dubious loyalties and dependencies, the Papandreou family was the caretaker of the imperial grand plan of destroying the Greek people's values, religion and ideals.

All this with the destruction of education and the criminalisation of the treasures of Greek Orthodox religion, literature and philosophy, as well as patriotism. Referring to such values (as mentioned above) was enough (during PASOK's rule) for someone to be labelled as a fascist by the so called politically correct media. (This was very profound from Leftist parties.)

Before losing power, George even attempted to give Greece a final blow by legalizing all the immigrants that illegally entered our country with the financing of the Turkish mafia and extremist Saudis.

"Progressives" (Socialists, or Leftists) actually refer to them as war refugees.

Refugees are usually women, children and elderly people, not males who are 20-30 years old.

I believe George Papandreou is on a mission to destroy Europe. He will achieve that firstly by economic means. This man has given bad publicity to the Euro, managed to sink the Greek economy and created problems for the Eurozone (not that the -totally heartless- immoral and greedy Europeans didn't deserve it). Along with his (buddy) George Soros and Rockefeller funded NGO-driven policy on immigration, George Papandreou prepared troubles for Europe. He promised the sky to the Greek people, only to tell them that due to the economy, Greece is now going to lose its sovereignty.

Sovereignty is lost only through war.
 (It is a basically another Greek blackmail scheme. The Greeks, led by Papandreou’s father, executed a blackmail scheme back in 1985 when they withheld a vote for Spanish and Portuguese membership in the EEC. Ultimately they received 30b in EU funds for a yes vote. This type of action is very typical of Greek political leaders - like father, like son - businessinsider)
The alibi he has is the (subject of) odious debt and his clan's policies that have never benefited our country.

Alex Zachus is  35 years old, lives in Athens. He studied economics in Britain; is married and is a church going person, currently looking for a job. - henrymakow

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