June 22, 2012

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Golden Dawn Calls For Abolition of State Funding To Political Parties (VIDEO)

The far-right Golden Dawn party called for the abolition of the state funding received by Parliament-represented political parties, stressing that they are going to demand that relevant legislation be passed in Parliament. "It is unacceptable for political parties to receive millions of euros when people are destitute," a statement by the party said. The statement also noted that the state funds that have been earmarked for Golden Dawn as a result of the June 17th elections will instead be diverted to social services. More exactly, on Thursday night and on the "Apolakyptiko Deltio" news show which is broadcasted on EXTRA channel, Golden Dawn General Secretariat Nikos Michaloliakos said that the largest portion of the funds received by his party will be used for establishing day cares, mini-markets with free products, soup kitchens, medical aid and other such social service centers for Greek nationals.(Check statements on video after 12 minutes)

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