October 21, 2013

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Mystery Blond Girl Investigation Ongoing, Int'l Media In Larissa To Cover Case, Trafficking Suspected! (VIDEOS)

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Greek authorities are continuing with their investigation in the case of the mystery blond girl -or Maria, as she was called from her kidnappers-, and are now focusing their attention to other gypsy camps all over Greece, specifically in the areas of Zefyri as well as Acharnes (both on the outskirts of Athens). International interest on the issue of little Maria is continuing unabated, and everyone wants to learn what coordinated efforts are being made to locate this child's biological parents.

The publication of the pictures of her kidnappers later on today is going to be held at the order of a prosecutor to facilitate the operation to establish the identity of the little girl found in a Roma camp in Farsala last week. The couple that were illegally keeping Maria in the Roma camp would also be brought before an investigator on Monday and from what we read in the Greek press proceedings have been prepared against them -of a criminal character-  that will send them to jail for a long time!

In Larissa, foreign media work crews from all over the world have made their way to this city in order to cover the case. The story is still headlining foreign media outlets and at the weekend a spokesman for the parents of Madeleine McCann, a British girl who went missing in Portugal in 2007, was quoted as saying that the child’s discovery had given them great hope that their own child would be found alive.

In the UK, the family of Ben Needham, a 21-month-old British toddler who was abducted from his grandparents’ home on the island of Kos in 1991, called for further DNA tests to be conducted as they continue to search for their missing child. Ben's sister, Leighanna said that she and her family believe that her brother was also abducted by gypsies for child trafficking or illegal adoptions and this case just shows that they can be found. Her mother, Kerry Needham, called for the investigation into her son’s disappearance to be reopened.

As such, authorities in cooperation with hygiene authorities, have started investigations in hospitals and other public services. Certificates and documents will be examined thoroughly and suspicious cases will be investigated as well and from what we learn DNA medical tests are also planned.

Parallel to this, efforts are continuing with investigations in all possible directions, especially with international organisations involved in the disappearance of children. In such a framework, Greek authorities have contacted Interpol to help with the search and the children’s organization The Smile of the Child, which is looking after the girl, has received thousands of calls from Greece and abroad regarding Maria.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of talk -and many unconfirmed reports- in the Greek press about the possibility of an international crime circuit that operates in the Balkan area and which brings pregnant women into Greece from Bulgaria so that they can give birth here and then these children are apparently trafficked to the highest bidder (including organ transplants, sex-trafficking and slavery).

Other reports that have been circulating in the press, and which has also captured the attention of authorities involves babies of foreign women that had supposedly been born dead and when the coffins were opened these babies were no where to be found, in other words, the coffins were completely empty.

Greek officials now hope that the case involving Maria would prompt European authorities to look more closely at the issue of child trafficking.

Greece has already taken a first step. At the end of August, Justice Minister Haralambos Athanasiou informed Parliament that judicial authorities were investigating more than 40 cases of alleged child trafficking in Greece, mostly in the northern city of Thessaloniki as well as the eastern part of Crete.

And while this was going on, Babis Dimitriou, the chairman of the Farsala village Roma association, told The Daily Telegraph that the child's biological parents are still in Greece. According to him the Bulgarian couple were working around Greece in temporary jobs, and used to stay at the gypsy camp sometimes. (This too is being investigated by authorities).

The case certainly has many layers, and the more and more authorities look into it, more cans of worms are opening. Nonetheless there are some questions that are still unanswered:

- Has there been an investigation conducted on the little girl in order to ascertain whether or not she was a victim of sexual abuse? (sexual abuse has many forms).

- Where are the other children of this family, and have there been any medical checkups conducted on them?

- Why hasn't an order yet been issued to allow essential dental and osteological tests to be conducted on little Maria so that her exact age can finally be determined (because authorities highly doubt that she is 4 years old)?

-Has Maria been thoroughly examined -meaning all of her organs-? Are they intact? Have any other such tests been conducted on the other children in that family, in that gypsy camp-?

Note - The reason we ask this, is because quite shockingly Greek dailies on Sunday continued to note that this country is one of several countries known world-wide as a hub for the illegal transportation of children's organs -specifically the countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece are known for human trafficking-.

- Who is supporting these gypsy communities (meaning what authorities, organizations and associations)? The reason we ask is because these forces were easily able to provide these people with fake certificates and all the other documentation needed, and in the process raped all the registry offices all across Greece.

HellasFrappe will continue gathering information on this case, because the role of some authorities who have over the last two days media hopped on all the news channels (both radio and television) is very, very concerning and suspiciously disorienting.

The minute we receive more news, we will update the story. Log on to the blog periodically throughout the day for more reports.

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