November 11, 2012

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If The Greek Elections Were Held Today The Winner Would Be....

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last week's largely symbolic vote in which the Greek bailout-addicted parliament passed, by the tiniest of margins, the latest request for just one more monetary fix promising that this time it will, pinky swear, get its house in order (and maybe even collect some taxes, because all those previous promises were just rehearsals) succeeded in one thing: the coalition government from this summer's elections, crumbling well ahead of time. Which means the time for yet another parliamentary vote is fast approaching. So if a vote were held today, who would be the most represented parties in the Greek parliament? The answer, according to the latest KAPA poll, is the following:
  • Syriza - anti-bailout, anti-austerity party, one which is convinced Greece has all the leverage in European negotiations, and one which is usually best associated with the Grexit: 23.1%, up from 20.7%
  • New Democracy - current ruling party: 20.6%, down from 23.6%
  • Golden Dawn - aka "neo-nazis": 10.4%, from 7.5% in June
  • PASOK - socialists; former leaders: 7.5%
  • Independent Greeks: 6.4%
  • Communists: 5.7%
  • Democratics Left: 4.6%
In other words, at this rate, when the next Greek early election takes places in a few months, the winner will almost certainly be the party that will make Germany's covert goal - to get Greece out of the Eurozone - a Greek decision, thereby washing Merkel's hands, while leading to scenes such as the following at every local beer hall... (zerohedge)
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