February 17, 2015

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Arrest Warrent Against Head of KYP... In Assassination Attempt Against Karamanlis

The investigating magistrate who has been investigating the assassination attempt as well as illegal wiretapping against former prime minister Costas Karamanlis on Monday issued a series of arrest warrents against one American and two Greek nationals in connection to both cases. According to press reports, the suspects are connected with the wiretapping that was conducted against Karamanlis and several members of his government, as well as with the controversial "Pythia" plan which aimed at destabilizing the country. It should be reminded that the Pythia plan's main priority -as presented in previous HellasFrappe reports- was the toppling of the Karamanlis government, so that an end can be placed to the contracts that he had signed with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the construction of the South Stream energy pipeline.

As you all know, HellasFrappe has been following the story closely over the last few years, but we were flabbergasted on Tuesday when we read on Kontranews that three arrest warrants were issued and not one. We were also shocked to learn that one of the Greek nationals is closely associated with former premier George Papandreou and what is worse, headed the Greek intelligence unit.

We have always suspected Papandreou's involvement in this case, and especially in Karamanlis' downfall, but questioning one's actions is one thing, and being able to actually link him to the case is another. This is something that only a judicial official can do and luckily Mr. Foukas is. He has concluded that the wiretapping, the Pythia plan and the assassination attempt are all interconnected.

(Links will be provided at the bottom for Pythia plan, as well as the assassination attempt.)

As noted before three warrants were issued. Kontra news claims that one of the Greek nationals is going to be charged for espionage, because he reportedly supplied American officials with top secret information. The newspaper revealed that he is a senior member of the Foreign Ministry who is now working for an international organization.

The second suspect, according to the same report, is the former head of the Greek Intelligence Service (KYP) and a close friend and ally to former premier George Papandreou.

The third suspect was featured in a previous article by HellasFrappe on Monday. A warrant was issued against William B., a former US Embassy official (and intelligence officer) who according to reports, is the mastermind and primary suspect behind the wiretapping scandal against Karamanlis as well as several members of his government. This is the first time the Greek justice system dares to issue an arrest warrant against an American agent.

According to enikos, the 65 year-old former embassy worker purchased the controversial phones from the area of Piraeus. During the period when the wiretapping was being conducted, he would consistently travel to the US, or until March 2005.

The same report points out that William B.'s lawyer had contacted Foukas and had informed him that his client was willing to come to Greece and cooperate with authorities on the investigation, but he never did.

As a result, Foukas pushed the investigation forward and discovered an antenna in the southern suburbs of Athens which was used by the perpetrator (s) to secretly listen in on the conversations of the former prime minister. The same report also notes that the location that was used for the wiretapping, also served as the headquarters of this network. Quite coincidentally, a second antenna was used at the very same location sometime in the past for the same purposes (against an unknown victim/victims).

When the scandal was brought to light during Karamanlis' rule, the American agent was allegedly removed from Greece for a short while but he apparently returned in August 2005 under a diplomatic identity, as the first secretary at the US embassy.

A report from AMNA said that based on available evidence, the defendant cooperated with the Greek authorities mainly on counter-terrorism issues and participated in an operation code-named "web” which involved the removal of a large quantity of explosives from the Iraqi embassy in 2003. The same man appears to have served in the US intelligence service since 1990 when he was transferred to Athens.

Foukas is now investigating whether the American official has/had any involvement in the assassination attempt/plot targeting Karamanlis.

In a previous report on HellasFrappe we had featured a controversial article from Epikaira where it was revealed how Foukas was working on the case. As noted, all three cases (2008 December riots, Wire-Tapping Scandal, and Pythia Plan) were merged into one massive investigation. The integration and correlation of files, on the one hand documented the motives and deceit committed in all three cases, and on the other intended to present dramatic evidence as to the "why" or the background of all three cases.

More Specifically:
  1. The names of foreign intelligence agents involved in these cases will be revealed.
  2. A document will be presented which proves that George Papandreou was well aware about the "postponement or total dismissal" of various policies that dealt with several Greek pipeline agreements (especially those signed between Greece and Russia).
  3. Information will be presented about mysterious Cypriot deposits that in return reveal other startling evidence.
  4. Evidence will prove that Costas Karamanlis was instructed in February 2009 to avoid any movement in Athens (in other words was warned to take urgent security measures), and this resulted in confining him only at the Maximos Mansion and his home in Rafina (giving the opposition and the media a reason to criticism him for not being active enough and/or appearing "worn out").
  5. Evidence will also be presented which proves that specific "journalists" were collaborating with foreign centers (against the government at the time as well as Greece). For instance, when Wikileaks published a cable outlining that foreign powers had baptized Karamanlis "Buddha", there were (idiotic and well bribed) reporters who used this characterization against Karamanlis, thus creating strange connotations. (Yes, all those who used this characterization, were indeed that stupid).
  6. Evidence is also to be presented which shows that foreign embassies operating in Athens were convinced that Karamanlis would fall in 2008 -or after the 'accidental' fires in the Peloponnese-. (Tip: If you can put two and two together, then try and remember which politicians said they wanted the tanks on the streets in December, and you will hit the jackpot!)
  7. Evidence will also be presented about a bomb that was discovered at a shipowners dinner gala but which was luckily removed before being detonated!
  8. New shocking testimony will also be heard from the former head of the Greek Intelligence Agency Mr.Korantis (who later became an MP with the LAOS party).
  9. And much, much, more.

What is the Pythia Plan:

The Pythia plan had four main points: The assassination plot against Karamanlis had as its objective to postpone and/or cancel his government’s decision to move ahead with an energy policy that would make Greece a fair player in the global energy market, while it was part of a larger plan that was set to totally destabilize the country’s economic and political system.

First Phase:  Political instability. During Karamanlis' run as Prime Minister, the political climate in Greece began to crumble and the mainstream media (which some hint was bought out to do so) suddenly began broadcasting stories suggesting that the government of Karamanlis was accepting kickbacks or was involved in money laundering in the Monastery of Vatopedi case. The news began to tarnish the image of Karamanlis’ Cabinet, while the aim was to strike at the core… Karamanlis himself so that he could lose his credibility with the people. It worked. After months and months of propaganda, the people turned their back on Karamanlis, his political career was totally tarnished, and he lost the elections to George Papandreou in October 2009.

Second Phase: Economic unrest: This was achieved with various methods that even included the various kidnappings of several prominent businessmen, throwing the business community in a panic.

Third Phase: Social instability. This was implemented with various forms of social unrest, including terrorist acts.

Fourth Phase: Weaken Foreign Policy. Karamanlis’ foreign policy began to suddenly show signs of weakening and Greece began to suddenly lose ground with its allies.

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