October 6, 2011

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SPECIAL REPORT - Does Papandreou work on behalf of Greek or US interests? (VIDEOS)

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George Santayana wrote in his Reason in Common Sense, the Life of Reason that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Knowledge of the past allows us as a people to react and deal with the situations in the present and when required take necessary preventative measures. Just as a person learns from their mistakes, true knowledge of our history allows us to learn from those mistakes and at the same time it allows us to quench our human thirst for the almighty “why”, or the “how”, or the “what”.

In Greece over the past two years, many things have occurred which need to be answered. As creatures of thought and intellect, these questions involve why things happened in the way they happened, how they came to be and what are they really all about. Today’s special report (which is a translation and analysis from Epikaira magazine) is no exception since it allows us to finally come to terms with the “why” and the “how”.

With this in mind, Epikaira magazine (Issue 103), known for exposing classified information such as the assassination attempt on the former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, today came out with a SHOCKING controversial article (with supporting never before published Wikileaks cables and other classified diplomatic documents) that without a doubt prove that Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou worked against the people of Greece siding with American interests on matters which involve energy, and foreign policy issues.

The article which is over 20 pages, will be featured on hellasfrappe in its entirety, but and will be featured in three parts. Today we feature the prologue…

We all suspected it we all spoke about it, but proving it was a whole different ball game.

We suspected that the Bush administration was not happy about Karamanlis’ decision to side with Russia in the area of energy and we also suspected that the former US president’s administration was very angry when Karamanlis issued a veto on the accession of FYROM to NATO. We also know that because of these two key things, there was an assassination attempt on his life and a sudden outburst of hollow scandals (which were later proved false).

But suspecting and proving this theory are two different things.

Today the magazine Epikaira finally published the proof!

The documents prove how George Papandreou worked with foreign interests to organize the overthrow of the Karamanlis government, because the West was not pleased about Karamanlis’ stance on foreign issues. But seriously… how could he anyway? Karamanlis is a Macedonian… did the Americans actually expect that a Macedonian would sell out his own country?

The answer does not need any analyzing… it is clearly NO…!!!!!

The article publishes several new and never before viewed Wikileaks cables from US Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard who says days ahead of the national elections in 2009 that Papandreou will win, and that as soon as he gains office he will withdraw the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline project, as well as any traces of Russian economic and strategic plans that concern the wider region. According to the article in Epikaira, which features all these documents, Papandreou contacted the Americans and told them that all joint energy projects that went against their interests in the wider region would be “frozen” as soon as he came into office. And worst yet… he also reassured them that he was their man, on the issue of FYROM, the Aegean and Turkey. 

The documents which are dated 19 December 2006 can be viewed on Olympia.

The cables featured in the magazine that were addressed to the US State Department, illustrate how the Americans worked to overthrow the Karamanlis government, interfering in internal affairs. Some may recall the article on the assassination attempt of Karamanlis and a project called Pythia. (Click here for that story). In that article, and after an investigation by Russian intelligence officials there was mention that special advisor to the Prime Minister Alex Rondos knew about the assassination attempt (thus… did George Papandreou know as well since he was there man in the wider region?).

Also it would be wise to read what "so-called scandals" and methods were used to topple the Karamanlis government at this link. Click here for that story.

Returning to our article, about ten days before the 2009 elections the US Ambassador to Athens, Daniel V. Speckhard apparently sent a cable to the US State Department telling them that PASOK will be the winning party after the elections. He also went on to say that Papandreou guaranteed him that he would be more “active” on matters of foreign policy than his predecessor Mr. Karamanlis.

In the cable, Speckhard also says that Papandreou made it clear to him that he will not follow the same foreign policy that Karamanlis did in regards to Russia and joint energy policies, and Papandreou also noted that he will re-examine the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis energy pipeline project as well as the South-Stream pipeline agreement.

Most importantly, Papandreou apparently also told Speckhard that Greek foreign policy towards Turkey and FYROM would also change.

In the very same cable, Papandreou apparently also told the US Ambassador at the time that once he gained office, he would take control of the Foreign Ministry (which he did) and that after doing so he would immediately alter the foreign policies implemented by Karamanlis.

But the revelations do not stop there. Epikaira also features diplomatic cables from the Greek Embassy in Washington towards the Greek Foreign Ministry from Ambassador Mallias that state that he was receiving pressure from the State Department, former State Secretary Condoleezza Rice herself as well as the head of White house security to convince Karamanlis to forget about vetoing FYROM’s accession to NATO.

During this period, continues the article, Mallias was apparently visited by a Judy Ashling (phonetic spelling) who was the Alternate Security Advisor under the Bush administration who told him to warn the Karamanlis government to immediately re-think about the Russian energy pipeline deal because this would have severe repercussions for his government.

And the whopper….. The telegrams featured also show and prove that George Papandreou knew that the Americans were pushing for the name “Republic of Macedonia” from way back in 2003, or under the Simitis government, and he did not bat an eye, or take the necessary efforts to reverse this decision.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Karamanlis was overthrown by “foreign interests” because he went against the US on the issue of Skopje at the Bucharest Summit, and especially because he decided to move ahead with the Russian energy pipeline. These same foreign interests knew since 2008 that “their man” would come into power (just like he did) and side with their interests. The documents also prove that all the protests, marches, and demonstrations that have been held over the years by millions of Greeks all over the world are hearsay… since George Papandreou had already agreed on the issue of Skopje behind our backs.

Sometimes the truth is not at all want we expect it to be… but it is better knowing the truth, than walking with blindfolds on trashy propaganda.

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