November 11, 2014

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SPECIAL REPORT - Analyzing Meeting Of Tsipras & Angelopoulou-Daskalaki & Upcoming Clinton Global Conference

HellasFrappe has published more than one report on main opposition SYRIZA party leader Alexis Tsipras' close ties to the former president of the 2004 Athens Olympics organizing committee, Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki. In our reports we noted that Mrs. Angelopoulos is fixated with making a name of herself in the political world and we had also mentioned on more than one occasion her close ties to George Papandreou, and Alexis Tsipras. We have also published many reports from the Greek press that claim that she wants to form a new political party with George Papandreou modeled after the US Democratic party and we have also revealed her close ties to the Clinton family. Anyone who has an ounce of logic knows that the Clinton family is closely affiliated with George Soros, so therefore would it be fair (once again) to assume that so is our little Alexis?

The latest news in the Greek press claims that Tsipras received Angelopoulou-Daskalaki shortly after noon on Monday and from what was reported the two are said to have discussed an upcoming conference that she is organizing for the next summer as part of the Clinton Global Initiative, which the former US President is expected to attend. Tsipras has not committed to participating and/or speaking at the conference, however nothing can be ruled out.

Angelopoulou’s move has widely been interpreted as an initiative with ulterior political motives (and for good reason). She has also avoided answering any questions regarding the upcoming Presidential elections in Greece. Recently she expressed her support for SYRIZA in an interview in the Kathimerini newspaper, and the opposition party -which was now totally exposed- pretended to be totally surprised.

HellasFrappe is not really all that surprised, we knew that their close ties would surface at some point or another and we had noted this in some of our past articles.

For instance: During his trip to the US in 2013, Alexis Tsipras did not formally meet with representatives of the Greek Diaspora, since he chose not to adhere to protocol which calls for a prior meeting with the Archbishop of America. Instead the leader of SYRIZA preferred to come into contact with other influential characters who he knew could open other doors for him.

On his first day in the US he chose to make a quick (and hush hush) ten-hour trip to San Francisco, where he met known businessman Angelo Tsakopoulos (Phil Angelides, who has served as chairman of the Democratic Party of California and responsible for public property of the state was also present at this meeting). Angelo Tsakopoulos (born 1936) is a prominent real estate developer in Sacramento, California and the founder and owner of AKT Development. Mr. Tsakopoulis is one of the main backers of the US Democratic party and a proud supporter of Barack Obama. He is also a personal friend of Bill Clinton.

During Tsipras' visit, Angelopoulou' circle of friends also made their presence known and she opened quite a few doors for him. Thus, it can not be considered a coincidence that the president of the Greek-American Institute (AHI), Nick Larigakis also played a significant role in Tsipras's trip to the US. Also, another central figure who was also present at the AHI event to honor Tsipras was none other than Mr. George Mermelas, the alleged owner of the well known lobby and public relations firm "Greek Dream".

Mr. Mermelas was a close friend to PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos, when he was Minister of Culture (under the Simitis government). During the '90s the present leader of PASOK had handsomely funded Mr. Mermelas through the Ministry of Culture to promote Greece at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki did the same thing during the Athens games, in fact she continues to fund Mermelas' institution until today, or at least this is what press reports claim. The same reports note that this specific institution has even held a special event in the US in her honor.

But by far, the most interesting highlight of Tsipras' tour in the US in early 2013 was to the American-Hellenic Institute. It was an event that journalists strangely avoided and only subtly mentioned. At the event, some faces of the past made their appearance and this is what the press purposely ignored! Two former US Ambassadors to Greece were present, or specifically, Mr. Daniel Speckhard and Mr. Thomas Miller and, what's more, they even took the time to snap a photo with Tsipras who was really loving the moment.

So who are these two men, and why all the fuss. Keep reading Frappers, and we are certain that you will begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together in no time.

According to kourdistoportocali, Thomas Miller climbed the ladder of success in Washington when his immediate boss, Richard Holbrooke, who was then acting as charge d'affaires at the Embassy in Athens (in September 1995 due to the absence of the then Ambassador Thomas Niles), was active in the consultations that led to the signing of the Interim Agreement between Greece and FYROM (13.09.1995). (And we all know that the Interim Agreement was not something that the government of PASOK is proud of, with the exception of George of course who we all know would sell his own siblings in the name of power.)

When Miller was US Ambassador to Athens, he would opene the doors to ministerial offices with ease, and this promoted American companies such as Lockheed Martin, as well as Motorola (allied friends with Socrates Kokkalis' Intracom company) to develop greatly during that period. He also became involved with a security system which was not only costly to the Greek state, but wasn't ever completed, nor delivered on time to serve as the center of security for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. But idiotic Greek tax payers paid for it anyway.

And here is where it really gets juicy: Thomas Miller has been noted by the Greek press as being the man who is up to his neck in the wiretapping scandal against Costas Karamanlis which cost the life of former Network Planning Manager for Vodafone Costas Tsalikidis.

On to Daniel Speckhard.

Following his run as Ambassador to Athens, Daniel Speckhard became the non-executive chairman of the Greek Proton Bank - between the period February 1, 2011 until August 19, 2011. He assumed this position at a time when Lavrentis Lavrentiadis was having trouble with his second largest shareholder Mr. Ant. Athanasoglou.

Apart from being a managing partner at WEM Global Investment Inc, Speckhard is also a non-resident Senior Fellow, for the US and Europe at the famous Brookings Institute. Yes... The same institute where Tsipras gave his speech during his trip to the US and the same place that is highly funded by George Soros.

During that period, Speckhard played a major role in unlocking the doors for Tsipras, especially at the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), which is considered to be one of the top think tanks in the US. The aforementioned institution is well known in Greece, since Mr. Lavrentiadis, who apparently funded one of its divisions (or the unit of Southeast European Studies), had organized an event at the Astir Palace in Vouligmenni where characters such as Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski were also present.

(Who is Brzezinski? Here is where it gets really interesting. Brzezinski is a Polish American political scientist, geostrategist, and statesman who served as United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. Sounds harmless enough, but googling his name a little bit more, HellasFrappe discovered an article on opednews which more or less presents him as being the equivalent of Henry Kissinger.)

Back to who Daniel Speckhard is, and how you will tie this all together.

According to Real News, a high-profile Minister of the Karamanlis government testified in January 2013 to special magistrate Dimitris Fucas and the things revealed only confirmed what the prosecution already feared, that the wiretapping case against the former PM as well as the assassination attempt against him are linked. In his testimony, the former Minister apparently spoke about the pressure that was exerted on him, in March 2008, by the then US Ambassador to Athens Daniel Speckhard shortly before the signing of the intergovernmental agreement between Greece and Russia on the construction of the South Stream pipeline.

Conclusion: Tsipras affiliation with Angelopoulou and her friendly relations to the Clintons, G.Soros, Speckhard and Miller only prove that the Americans are openly backing Tsipras for the role of prime minister, so that they can have "their man" in a prime position to ward off any decisions that are made in the future over Greece's energy development. Papandreou was their first choice, but thankfully he was sent to the Tartars. Today they are setting their bets on Tsipras and using the name of Karamanlis for a potential president of the republic because they are afraid that if he remains a simple MP then he could once again take over the ND party and this is something that the "establishment" obviously does not want.

But don't take our word for it... Check out the stories for yourself and you will see that it all boils down to "black gold" or our natural reserves. This is what the Greek oligarchs have their eyes set on at the moment, and it makes perfect sense why Mrs. Angelopoulos wants to affiliate herself with Tsipras because her husband has quite a few ships. Just go through some of the stories we have published over the last three years and we are guaranteed that you will agree with us, and you will also see why they loathed Karamanlis and targeted him - because quite simply he did not want to do their bidding. Do not remain ignorant. Read the facts, and then draw an objective conclusion.

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