March 4, 2012

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SPECIAL REPORT - Prosecution Wraps Up Investigation Into Assassination Attempt Of Karamanlis

The reasons for the fall of Karamanlis can be viewed in this TV ad which 
was broadcasted during the 2009 election campaign

The investigation surrounding the case on the attempted assassination of former leader of the conservative New Democracy party Costas Karamanlis will headline most news reports in the following few days (weeks) since the prosecution has finally wrapped up this controversial investigation which it began in August 2011.

The assassination plot against Karamanlis had as its objective to postpone and/or cancel his government’s decision to move ahead with an energy policy that would make Greece a fair player on the global energy market, while it was part of a larger plan that was set to totally destabilize the country’s economic and political system and judging by the results, the masterminds of this plot achieved this in less than three years.

As most recall, the news was first published in an extensive report in the Epikaira magazine, and we had also featured it here on hellasfrappe in three segments. (Click here for that story

According the article, the plot was uncovered by Russian intelligence agents (FSB) during a hacking attempt on the telephone communication between Karamanlis and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and was subsequently intercepted. Following this revelation, a group of 19 Russian intelligence officers came to Athens to investigate the wire-tapping and stumbled on the planned assassination and thus began to monitor Karamanlis’ moves at the beginning of April 2008. The Russian officials uncovered the assassination plot codenamed “Pythia 1”, and, after analyzing the evidence, concluded that it was the brainchild of an allied country. More specifically, the planned assassination would be carried out by a "shady" team of individuals, and was directly linked to Karamanlis’s pro-energy policies and tight relations with Russia, which the west and other Greek allies did not approve of.

Pythia 1 and was based on four key points:
  • First Phase: Political instability. During Karamanlis' run as Prime Minister, the political climate in Greece began to crumble and the mainstream media began broadcasting stories suggesting that his government was accepting kickbacks or was involved in money laundering in the Vatopedi case. The news began to tarnish the image of Karamanlis’ Cabinet, while the aim was to strike at the core… or Karamanlis himself so that he could lose his credibility with the people. The plan worked. After months and months of propaganda, the people turned their back on Karamanlis, and his political career was totally tarnished, while we all know that he then lost the elections to George Papandreou in October 2009.
  • Second Phase: Economic unrest: This was achieved with various methods that even included high profile kidnappings of several prominent businessmen, throwing the business community into a complete panic.
  • Third Phase: Social instability. This was implemented with various forms of social unrest, including terrorist acts. 
  • Fourth Phase: Weaken Foreign Policy. Karamanlis’ foreign policy began to suddenly show signs of weakening and Greece began to suddenly lose ground with its allies.
Just several weeks after the article was published in the Greek magazine, the prosecution began an extensive investigation. According to parapolitka the investigation has now wrapped up and there is clear insight as to who designed and attempted to execute this controversial crime.

According to report the head of the Prosecutors Office assigned the case to a First Instance Court prosecutor for further investigation on the basis of what was published first in the Epikaira magazine including all the documents that were also revealed by Greek and Russian intelligence services or, file No 53/13 (dated January 2009) and No. 219/5 (dated February 2009), and then continued investigating the case on a broader scale.

Judicial authorities were automatically convinced that the instigators and executors of this plot had as their aim to destabilize the country's political and national integrity. 

Aside from the charge of treason, the Greeks who are apparently involved in this crime, are expected to be charged with organizing a conspiracy against the country, as defined (and penalized) under Article 135 paragraph 2. ("Όποιος συνωμοτεί με άλλον με σκοπό να εκτελέσουν πράξη από εκείνες που αναφέρονται στο άρθρο 134 ή με συνεννοήσεις με ξένη κυβέρνηση προπαρασκευά ζει την εκτέλεση μιας απ’ αυτές τις πράξεις, τιμωρείται με κάθειρξη")

By doing so, Greek authorities are showing us that they intend on shedding light on this issue and we have to now trust that they do so and carry this task to the very end. The only question that remains is has the political climate changed in Greece and are people actually ready to hear the truth? Let us hope so... so that the justice system can do what it is obligated to do and prosecute the people that are responsible for this whole hair raising scandal as well as justify a politician who did not deserve this horrendous twist of fate.

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