February 4, 2013

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US Tells Tsipras That Turkey Will Attack If Athens Proclaims EEZ

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Washington believes that if Greece declares its EEZ and begins hydrocarbon exploration in the Aegean then Turkey will provoke a heated incident in the Aegean. This "message" was apparently conveyed by Eric Rubin, US State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary to main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras when they met in the US capital last week. Tsipras then of course passed on the "message" (or sermon) to a few select deputies at a closed meeting last Wednesday.

According to an article by Athanasios Ellis in the Sunday edition of Kathimerini, Washington is against the projection and submission of coordinates and maps, but not necessarily against Greece conducting drilling (in other words, drill, if you have to, but no maps), and this only in areas that do not cause friction, such as the Ionian or south of Crete. (A similar story was also featured in the Sunday edition of "To Paron").

On the other, the US wants Greece to restrain itself and seek consultation with other "stakeholders" in regards to the Aegean. It should be reiterated that in 2010 the then State Department special envoy for Energy in Eurasia, Richard Morningstar, had said that Greece and Turkey should share the energy in the Aegean because of "questionable" (or 'grey') areas. 

Editor's Note - In other words, the US sent a message to Athens through Tsipras to not overstep its "UNIVERSAL RIGHT" in Greek territorial waters because Turkey will react negatively if this happens, and it does not want Greece to publish maps which will prove that these territorial waters belong to our country. The only thing we understand from this is that Greece obviously has the maps to back up its territorial sovereignty. But back to the "message" from DC, or what we want to believe is a select few who believe that they run the world. Why so much fuss about the maps? Is this because these Golden Boys in Washington purposely want the division of the Aegean and the world to believe that there are actual grey zones in the Aegean -through falsifications- when we all know there aren't? Is this why these few circles in Washington continually support Turkey over Greece, because we know this is not the case of all Americans, and certainly not all US politicians. This only applies to Morningstar -who we find rather dull- and his band wagon of friends, who are all inter-connected from the Clinton and Bush eras. But enough about them, What the heck is the Greek lobby in the US doing about this? Oh... silly me, our INACTIVE Diaspora leaders in Washington don't lobby... that is demode... they only attend chic soirees and push their own political agendas. But that is not all, they also fatten the wallets of specific US politicians who in some cases support these messages of horror to the Greek people. Will our Diaspora for once stand up -in its entire INACTIVE life- and finally defend this country and do what they were elected to do which is to LOBBY for Greek interests? And finally... why send the message with Tsipras? Is Alexis their new Papandreou? Hmmm....

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