February 27, 2013

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Ta Nea Demands Explanations From Tsipras' Connection To Soros

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On Tuesday an article in the "Ta Nea" newspaper asked SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras to explain exactly what type of links he has with hedge fund Wall Street guru George Soros. Columnist George Papachristos, said that "over a week has gone by since the news went viral from the well respected German weekly business magazine "Wirtschaftswoche" and Tsipras has yet to respond." According to the article, which was also featured on HellasFrappe last week, Soros apparently funded the event held at Columbia University where Alexis Tsipras gave a speech. "The story, which was republished by myself (in Greek)" says Papachristos, "also claims that Soros is sponsoring Tsipras".
    "I expressed my reservations. How can I accept this incredible claim which says that Soros is funding Tsipras to punish Germany? I waited for a response. A denial, a comment, something. Unfortunately, the silence of Koumoundourou (the location of SYRIZA's head office) is my answer."
And of course the silence, he added was the formal reply, because the informal reply was to unleash a hooded Internet troll to begin a mud-slinging match against him on the web as SYRIZA does "consistently".
    "This is a serious matter and demands an explanation. Now! Tsipras is the leader of the main opposition party, and he cannot ignore such serious allegations. After all, isn't he trying to portray the crusader of transparency? Well then he should prove it. I am saying this because Uncle Soros has been trying to put his foot in our country for years now. At times it was via the FYROM issue and at other times it involved his insatiable thirst for money, but he always found a closed door. Is something going to change if SYRIZA comes to power? And if yes, then shouldn't we know?"
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