February 23, 2013

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BUSTED - Soros Funded Tsipras' Trip To US Says German Mag.

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George Soros' think tank INET apparently sponsored Alexis Tsipras' trip to the US. According to an article in the German Wirtschaftswoche magazine. The article, basically wanted to analyze Soros' frenzy to bring down the Euro, and while doing so, it revealed how this multi-billionaire is connected with the SYRIZA party. The article, which is signed by Florian Zerfamp, Angela Chenersntorf and Dieter Snaas, (phonetic spelling) was actually published on Valentine's Day in Germany, but was only re-published in Greek in the "Ta Nea" newspaper on Saturday. It speaks openly about a very prominent US investor and his relationship with SYRIZA, while there is also mention of Tsipras' trip to the United States. The icing on the cake, however, is near the end, since the article leaves it to be understood that Soros is using SYRIZA to get to Germany!

The Internet is already buzzing...!

The article notes that "Thomas Ferguson of the University of Massachusetts" who is member of INET, "sat on a panel in New York with representatives of the Greek Left SYRIZA party, after being invited to attend a discussion by Tsipras at Columbia University's Law School."

While there, continues the article, and in front of a full auditorium, "Party leader Alexis Tsipras voiced his opinion about the stingy Germans, while evoking fear of a new Adolf Hitler and spoke about a new fascism (that is being created) in Europe. Accompanying him were his economic advisers Giannis Milios and Rena Dourou, a member of the Left Party in the Greek Parliament."

Another theorist INET (pp Soros think tank), Thomas Ferguson of the University of Massachusetts, participated in a panel in New York with representatives of the Greek left party SYRIZA, as he was invited to debate at the Law School of Columbia University.
      "Their appearance was co-sponsored by Soros' Think Tank INET. Why is only Soros sponsoring an anti-capitalist agitator such as Tsipras who is fixated at attacking Germany? Is it because he agrees with his positions? His (Soros') colleagues from Wall Street are only talking in whispers. It seems that the fear of Soros' influence is very big. However, in a conversation with one manager the phrase "Soros wants to revenge Germany" is often heard.
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