October 19, 2012

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Megaphones And Bullhorns - Another Greek Invention!

Recent Purchase: Megaphone
Recent Purchase: Megaphone (Photo credit: LarimdaME)
People say that Greek people are loud and sometimes talk with their hands. There is actually a reason for that. Aside from being extremely expressive souls, Greek people have been "talking loud" since ancient times.. after all, megaphones & bullhorns owe their existence to the ancient Greeks!

During the days of Socrates and Plato, ancient Greeks developed this means of communication in order to provide the rulers with a manner of delivering mass reports. The earliest written record of the word "megaphone" dates back to Thomas Edison's invention of the modern megaphone in 1878. It is believed that Edison himself coined the term from the Greek megas "great" and phone "voice".

Far before Edison's invention, the idea of the megaphone had existed as early as 6th century BC in Greek amphitheatres, where actors wore masks with large mouth openings for amplification. Sailors, hunters, and military commanders had also used primitive forms of the megaphone since ancient times to communicate longer distances

The Greeks were pretty fascinated with issues of creative thinking. This provided them with diverse methods of creation of various channels of communication.

The bullhorn was cone sharped. At one end was the cone shape with which the sound was intensified before leaving. At the other end was the mouthpiece which functioned as the amplifier of the voice. The sound of the speaker was intensified in the mouth piece as they said phrases within the speaker.

The Greeks raised animals to supply them with diverse items required. The bulls provided them with the horns from which the instruments of communication will be chiseled. The bullhorn was firstly presented but later on was changed by the megaphone for state-of-the-art sound quality. These pieces of equipment were branded by the scholars who were experts in labeling.

Community services were entrusted to the rulers. All the managing work remained with the rulers. Any notices were carried out by the same people. Communicating management concerns by the chiefs and kings were dealt with by using the communication tools created. Boosting of sound meant that they were clear enough to be observed all over the place. The communal improvement was highlighted in the kind of correspondence by these leaders.

People of ancient Greece were likewise gifted actors. The actors were looked upon as the role models of the majority of communities. A lot of acting centered on numerous matters that impacted the community. Communication was of great importance. The celebrities used these tools and the remainder of Greece obtained the craft from the stars.

The bullhorns & megaphones served as the groundwork for development of advanced communication instruments. They served as the basis of improvement of other instruments. With time, the tools progressed into the contemporary instruments utilized for mass announcements. These could certainly adjust the sound levels to be able to obtain specific amplification. Megaphones & bullhorns provided the system of development of communication sector. Advanced communication devices developed from the fundamental tools. Modern piece of equipment have been designed gradually from these units. Amplification of authentic ideas had to transverse different decades and societies during the last hundreds of years.

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