March 11, 2012

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Man Gives Wife A One "Million Roses Bouquet" To Apologize!

A male resident of Kazakhstan made headlines when he decided to order a bouquet of a million red roses in an effort to win back the affection of his wife after they engaged in a heated argument about their immediate families.

The man, who is apparently a resident of Kyzylorda, found in the southern part of Kazakhstan apparently made the order from a flower shop in Almaty, the largest city in the country, and luckily for him he received a healthy discount, the news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan said in a report.

The owner of the flower shop told the Express-K newspaper that he was shocked by the order, but nonetheless very pleased. According to the newspaper, 90 percent of "Dutch" roses in fact normally arrive in Kyzylorda from Ecuador, China and Uzbekistan. The remaining 10 percent of the flowers are grown in Kazakhstan. "But for such an impressive order, we will ship in roses from Holland," the shop owner said.

According to local press, one rose in the city is priced from 500 to 1,000 tenge (USD 3.5-7). On holidays, the cost of one flower grows up to 2,000 tenge (about $15). Thus, the bouquet of apology will cost several million dollars, excluding the discounts, added
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