June 17, 2011

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Max Keiser, Noulas and Tobras “tell all” on Alex Jones radio show (VIDEOS)

In the wake of everything that has been happening in Greece over the past few days, and while observing the protests in the heart of the his hotel room in Athens,  RT economic analyst Max Keiser told Alex Jones on Wednesday that the Greek people are angry at their government because they are convinced it has committed high treason by trading with the enemy on the credit default swap market. In a revealing interview with Kyriakos Tobras and George Noulas, Keiser points out to Jones how Greece fell victim to economic terrorism.

Speaking to Alex Jones, Keiser said he had exclusive footage of the fake anarchists, or provocateurs that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and were set on disrupting the peaceful protests that were being held outside of the parliament.

Max Keiser said he had exclusive footage of the “fake anarchists” as he termed them, and would only release the video, once he left the country. He said his camera crew actually caught the faces on screen. “They were infiltrating the crowd, and using huge amounts of tear gas,” said Keiser.

The RT journalist said he was in Athens, at the invitation of Dr. Kyriakos Tobras and former Member of Parliament, and Attorney, George Noulas (from to speak to a special forum that was organized by them for the Athens Bar Association. Keiser apparently addressed the group of Greek lawyers over the lawsuit filed by his two hosts.

It needs to be reiterated that Tobras and Noulas are trying to subpoena the CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein for the banking crimes that he has committed in Greece. Keiser noted that  “has gone against the status quo,” adding that both Noulas and Tobras have “put their political careers on the line” to fight and expose this corrupt banking system. Keiser said that the Athens Bar Association was shocked and horrified to uncover the details of the lawsuit and he then revealed that they are now getting set to mount "a serious case against Goldman Sachs and John Paulson, (head of hedge-fund giant Paulson & Co,). "They are looking to subpoena these guys in a court of law and get them in jail,” said Keiser.

The purpose of Noulas’ and Tobras’ case, according to Keiser, is to put the bankers in jail “just like Henry Kissinger was chased out of Bilderberg they are looking to chase (CEO of Goldman Sachs) Lloyd Blankfein and put him in jail” as well because “he is a financial terrorist”. (Click here to learn more about how George Papandreou is suspected of being involved in this CDS case)

Max Keiser said that the Greek crises is not a national problem, but is more global than some may think because it could in the end add to the woes of the American banking system. He said that this is because European banks that bought Greek bonds and are presently suffering on account of this, also purchased insurance on the debt from American banks in the form of Credit Default Swaps or CDS; and now he added American banks "are on the hook for 127 billion US dollars because of it." “So now they are putting out the story that American money markets are going to suffer as a result of the Greek tragedy,” Keiser pointed out.This last point makes sense and it also explains why the US is in full support of the Papandreou government.

Keiser noted that Americans should not be apathetic to what is happening in Greece because as he described “this is a test run” for further things to come. “They are using the same techniques in the US to take over the highways and the income producing assets of the US. All those things that were built by American tax payers are going to fall into the hands of private groups”. The RT economic analyst said that they are using Greece and Ireland as a testing ground because the overall plan in the end is to strike at the American economy, because as he said... it is the “big pinata”.

At this point Keiser made a startling revelation, he said that while arriving at his hotel a day prior to the televised interview to Jones, he accidently entered the wrong hotel and came face to face with Steve Forbes, (son of Malcolm Forbes – Forbes magazine). Max Keiser said that Forbes was in Athens for an international chamber of commerce event, the topic of which was centered on the selling of Greek state assets. Keiser said he chatted  with Forbes for a few minutes and uncovered that speculative buyers (or as Alex Jones termed them: vultures) were there to discuss how to acquire the airport, the national lottery and other such public assets "for pennies to the dollar". Forbes, according to Keiser, described it all as the "deal of a lifetime”.

Turning to the subject of debt, Keiser told Alex Jones that Greece was loaded with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of debt that was pushed on to its state balance sheets from a “very corrupt government,” and now, he added, they are saying that the debt needs to be repaid. For Greece to do so, he noted, they (the IMF, EU and European Central Bank - Troika) require that Greece sell off all of its state assets. “The debt was artificially pushed on to them (Greece) to begin with, we see the same thing in South America and in Latin America, it was even written in John Perkins' book ‘The Confessions of an Economic Hitman’. The same techniques are being used in Greece and Ireland and the same techniques will be used in America”.

Taking the stage, George Noulas said that he was determined to move ahead with the lawsuit that he and his partner Kyriakos Tobras have filed, while he expressed the hope that it will expose the speculators and economic terrorists behind this attack on Greece. Noulas revealed that their lawsuit is in full swing, because as he said they have all the evidence needed “to stop this terrorist act” against Greece.

Cutting in Keiser said that by engaging in Credit Default Swaps, the prime minister of Greece, George Papandreou has committed “an act of treason”. Noulas agreed and on his part revealed that the one of the people capable of manipulating the Greek debt is Petros Christodoulou. For those of you who are not aware Christodoulou was a former Goldman Sachs employee, and responsible for the swap that was made in 2001 under the government of the then prime minister of Greece (and former leader of the ruling PASOK party) Costas Simitis. “This SWAP” noted Noulas was Greece's ticket into the Eurozone. Today, Noulas added, it is Christodoulou once again who is behind all the dealings “with Goldman Sachs, with Paulson and with Sorros”. (When it walks like a duck, clucks like a duck... it must be a duck no?)

Asked why this information has not made its way to the public, and why Papandreou has not been indicted yet, Noulas said that the case is sensitive and difficult to unfold to the general public at this stage, but nonetheless, more and more people are being informed about it.

Tobras at this point said the reason they started to investigate the case in the first place was to understand why the national debt of Greece bloated to such a degree. He revealed that almost 70 percent of the Greek debt is an accumulation of interest rates because as he described Greece has paid “this capital so many times” and will be once again obligated to pay the same debt again in the years to follow on account of “capitalisations” on it. “This debt,” added Tobras “was accumulated over the years, by SWAPS on SWAPS, this is a debt on SWAPS and nothing else,” or as Alex Jones noted derivative based.

Tobras then described the debt crises of all the nations in the southern European hemisphere as being a nothing more short of a “scam” because as he said “it was used for years by the governments to help the insurers of these debts to issue money.” The main reason for this, underlined Tobras is because “debt today is a necessary instrument for central banks to issue capital” “You know very well that in recent years -after the 50s- the gold system ceased to exist, that means that there isn’t any  gold collateral on the money issue, so government debt was uncovered in order for central banks to issue money.” This, he said, is  “a very big scam that all the countries (worldwide) are involved in, and what happened here in Greece with the crises after 2010 when the problems started, is exactly the same game that happened in the United States with the case of Lehman Brothers and AIG. 

According to him It is the same thing. "CDS on CDO’s, here we have CDS on government bonds, the game is the same, the people who create the game are one in the same, that is why we all have to revolt.”

Wrapping up the conversation, Keiser added that what Noulas and Tobras discovered was that the same tranche of debt was re-sold over and over again to the state of Greece 10,20, even 30 times with a massive load of interest each time. “European banks,” said Keiser, “own the Greek debt; however they also bought insurance on the Greek debt in the form of Credit Default Swaps that were sold to them by American banks.” American banks, he added “are trying to bleed Greece to death without an outright default, because they are playing a very high stakes global risks game and if Greece defaults then American banks are going to go under in a huge way because they own the insurance on the Greek debt.”

Some would probably think that ok… allow Greece to bleed, but the key word throughout this article is Greece was the “testing ground” for this operation, because after Greece, the same speculators will go after countries such as Spain, Great Britain and even the US. Asked by Alex Jones how all this will sum up, Tobras wittingly said that it’s not the Greek people that can decide on how to end this, nor the parliament, and this is because those in power are simply "following orders from abroad, international banks and speculators” and it will end when they decide. 

I just want to note that I was at the protests as well, and had to leave after three hours, because every time the people attempted to assemble on Syntagma Square “shady” individuals would appear from no where and suddenly begin to throw stones and bricks at the riot police, provoking them in return to use tear gas. The result: It created total chaos, and a cloud of toxic, eye-stinging clouds. Tens of hundreds of people began leaving the square immediately, or ran to seek shelter under the metro, myself included. After being told that the chaos was defused, and making our way to the square once again, with the air thick in tear gas, the anarchists suddenly re-appeared sparking even more chaos, and we would run back under the metro. Others were more courageous. In order to keep people’s spirits up they began to dance to traditional Greek music, ignoring the chaos that was going on around them. On the other, others began to chase down the anarchists, and the chaos was moved to the lower area of the Square away from the actual protestors. All of a sudden a rumour began to circulate in the crowd that an anarchist was arrested and found with a police ID. This shocked everyone and made them even more determined to assemble. Nonetheless the anarchists continued their provocation and at some point the air became too unbearable and toxic so I made my way home… Everything that Keiser says in the video about the chaos in Athens to Alex Jones is absolutely true… I am a witness and victim to all of this.

Marina Spanos

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