March 12, 2011

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X-Files: Epsilon Team… fact or fiction?

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Dan Brown, writer of the Da Vinci Code, would probably run a new series of novels if he probed behind the myth and/or reality of the “Epsilon” secret society… otherwise known in Greece as “Omada Epsilon” or the Epsilon Team.

Omada Epsilon’s symbol is a Delphic Epsilon, two “E’s” connected back to back and supposedly appearing on ancient Greek and Inca monuments. Some researchers claim that the symbol has also been seen on UFOs…. But wait… that would mean that we have actually seen a UFO right? Well alleged reports from eye witness accounts in the 1940s incident in Roswell claim that on the debris salvaged from that apparent UFO crash were the words "Ελευθερία" (which means "freedom").

What if this group does indeed exist? Is it based on other secret societies such as the Freemasons, Illuminati or even the Bilderberg group? Legend or not, myth or fact, today we open the X-Files on the Omada Epsilon.

This is one of the closest kept secrets from the public eye. Many people or main stream media have attempted to address the issue but were quickly silenced and the topic or anything revolving around them was swept under the carpet. You will notice that there is extremely very little known of this group through the Internet or books or main stream media, and yes they are on a contract based co-ordination with NASA. Politicians have no direct contact with this organization, the members will never identify themselves and if there is some form of leak they tend to laugh at the conspiracy that even such an organization exists.

So what is this society about, what is its purpose and origins? Do such exceptional Hellenes actually exist, and if yes why have they not come forward? Why do believers claim that the members of Omada Epsilon have an advanced knowledge of a secret technology that is so great that it can safeguard Greece and the world from threats? Are their minds so advanced that they are able to telepathically converse with aliens? Or are they just a gifted group of intellectuals that have the aptitude to understand codes and writings inscribed on ancient ruins that are not commonly understood by man using their gift and Hellenic mythology? Better yet, is this whole story just another tale that was passed down from generation to generation so that we (Greek people) can feel safer knowing that this unique circle of Hellenes will surface when we are at harms way in order to protect us and stand up for Hellenism.

I will try to answer all these questions, but please keep in mind that this subject is so controversial that it cannot be tackled in one post. Nonetheless, if you want more information on this eschatological, messianic, pseudo historical, pseudo scientific secret group then simply consider the books published by Ioannis Fourakis (scientist), and Dimosthenis Liakopoulos (Physics Professor and Author), or better yet watch the 9 part series video below.

Now back to our story. The team first originated in ancient times, and then disappeared until the mid 1950-60s when it was re-established and financed by entrepreneurs such as Aristotle Onassis, and many other such great men, I have also learned that they gathered in ancient sites such as Delphi and Mount Olympus, areas known scientifically to exhume extraordinary electro-magnetic power, for their symbol has appeared on many ancient ruins there. Their purpose, to safeguard Hellenism and the planet, but some might ask from what. Their followers claim that far from their scientific knowledge, they are man’s weapon against the Zionists and they add that this is a genuine battle and not part of an extended Hegelian Dialectic. Another belief about their origin is to be found in the books by the occultist/mysticism writers mentioned above, or the Greek versions of Dan Brown. They have done this by what they claim is a mixture of historical data with crypto-nationalistic anti-Semitic, and occultist elements.

In these books, the "Epsilon Team" is presented as the Greek equivalent of the Jewish Golem, a sort of secret weapon meant to "protect" Hellenism and the planet from all "enemies".

The books also note that the lightest theory surrounding their existence is considered a discrete but tireless and powerful guardian ready to smite the "barbarian hordes" that secretly threaten Hellenes. In part, this idea was a response to ideologies that apparently seem to be spreading throughout the world especially in North America and Israel.

While in the worst case scenario theory, Omada Epsilon is viewed as a secret retaliation weapon meant to attack and destroy, for example, Turkey and Albania and anyone "threatening" Hellenism. Also, since there are some anti-Semitic ideas among these circles, the Epsilon Team is also viewed as a counterpart/competitor to the "Jewish lobbies" that supposedly rule the world, meant to establish the Greeks as the "chosen people".

Whatever the case, people who are serious believers, followers, connoisseurs, authors or even their spokesmen all give different and incoherent versions of this group’s story. Some say that the Omada Epsilon has existed since the beginning of the Hellenic civilization and that its members then included ancient philosophers, historians, scientists, and politicians such as Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and so on and so on…, while others ignore the ancient version and rather concentrate more on the group’s contemporary form when it was re-established by Onassis.

Those who believe the contemporary version, note that the Omada Epsilon was founded by Greek scientists working in the United States. So with all this information in hand, we can now examine if this society is fact or fiction.

The hard facts:

  • According to the press, there indeed is an Omada Epsilon, comprised of Greek scientists, and is presently working for the US government. Their area of experiments involve the existence of alien life and communication with them.(coincidence?)
  • There is the ancient Greek "Epsilon" which can be found in many ancient scriptures and sculptures.(coincidence?)
  • There is an Epsilon team or Aoratos Arhe (invisible law) that prepared the Greek revolution against the 
  • Turks by the end of the 18th century, according to the history books (coincidence?)
  • There are many high-tech patents and weapons like the Bevatron (a kind of a mini CERN which should be used as generator for the nuclear fusion) that have been presented to the Greek army in the last 30 years. (coincidence?)
  • The Greeks have a Epsilon Supreme Council on Mount Athos (Orthodox version of Vatican) at the Monastery of Vatopedi and every year a group of illustrious Brothers from the United Grand Lodge of England go there for a special summit including Prince Charles (don’t forget his father is Greek and baptized Orthodox). The group apparently practises in secret old pagan rituals much like they did in ancient Delphi. Some say this is the Omada Epsilon.(Coincidence?)

Now to the stuff that makes me doubt their purpose. Why would they be helping the United States government? We all know that the US has always been pro-Turkey (which means they are taking an anti-Hellenic stance on many issues), when they claim to be the guardians of Hellenism. Yet I'm supposed to believe that a group of the most elite Greek scientists are helping these same people?

Nonetheless this society has many supporters that tend to believe the superiority of the Hellenic race. Anywhere you go in Greece, the majority will tell you that the Ancient Greeks were of extraterrestrial and Hyperborean origins and not human, and they had extremely advanced technology, which was later discovered by the Omada Epsilon and secretly decoded and studied. And what is more, there supposed representatives (high-ranking lawyers, professors) have come out public and said that this technology also includes anti-gravity methods and the concentration of specific elements, as well as specific telepathic techniques that can include space travel and other dimensions.

What do followers believe?

  • Greek are higher than the other nations, because their DNA is different, much like their skeleton, which they say implies that the Greeks are reclassified like another mankind.
  • They hold of the Messianic remarks, by affirming that Syrians, or the Omada Epsilon will come to save Greece in 2011 or 2012.
  • They present the myths and the legends of the old culture like historical facts, and put side the real archaeology and the history, learned at school.
  • They see in the Greek words a philosophical or religious significance, through numerology and Germatria
  • All the followers maintain that Team Epsilon always helped and protected the Greek people and their culture across the centuries. (However they find nothing to say when their detractors ask them about where was Team Epsilon during the dark Greek history periods, like fall of Constantinople, or the 400 years of Ottoman slavery.)

What do sceptics and critics believe:

  • The partisans of the Helleno-centrism are considered as quacks and ideological swindlers by lot of people.
  • The Critical conservative Orthodox  website wrongly advances  Helleno-centrism and Team Epsilon myth and is thereby a Neo-fascist and neo-heathen.   
  • "Greek Language Blog" satirizes the actions of author Dimosthenis Liakopoulos, denouncing him as a speculator who takes advantage of the naivety of people and who is just propagating fanaticism and creating idiots.

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