May 7, 2015

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Greek prisoners eager to “welcome” father of 4-yr Ani

It is something that is not said publicly, but everyone knows that it happens. The unwritten laws in Greek prisons could be harsher than those of common law, and this is not just the opinion of Hellasfrappe, it is something that we have witnessed in previous cases (example pedophile father and murderer M.Duris from Ermioni who one decade ago raped his son, killed him and then gave a winning performance of a grieving father). Let us not be misunderstood, HellasFrappe does not applaud this type of violence but merely stating a reality.

Greek prisons are full of hard line criminals who have committed terrible crimes, however, they seldom have compassion for pedophiles, rapists and child murderers. According to a report in ProtoThema, when the news of Savvas Borisova – little Ani’s father who murdered and boiled the body of his own child - was zapped through the prison system, prisoners began rubbing their hands and said that they were eagerly waiting for him.
     “Tell the bastard we’re waiting for him!” is the general sentiment that was published by protothema from prisons around the country.
This is probably why authorities decided to transfer him to an isolated prison cell on the island of Corfu, away from other inmates, so that he will not be in harms way.

It is no secret that child murderers have short prison stays in Greece since they are at most times tortured by other inmates.

It should be reminded that little Ani was tortured and killed by her own father before her body was sliced, boiled with other vegetables, placed in a mixer and pulped and then disposed off in trashcans around Athens where stray dogs and cats are abundant. Earlier this week the father of the dead child confessed and gave authorities an unprecedented account of how he killed his daughter after the child’s mother had left her in his care. The graphic details of the crime, which some claim is first of its kind globally, were described in an earlier report by HellasFrappe which can be read by clicking HERE. Parental guidance is advised.

After being arrested, Ani's father, Savvas, was charged with infanticide and as of Wednesday afternoon is in an isolated cell at Corfu prison.

Based on the evidence collected, the 27-year-old has been charged with murder committed in a calm frame of mind and with disrespecting the dead, as well as moral instigating false evidence by a witness and weapons use.

The attention is now on the mother of the dead child. The 25-year-old mother has been accused of exposing the child to danger resulting in death and giving false evidence.

During the initial investigation, and according to ProtoThema she had said:
    “All I have testified in earlier depositions is not true. I said everything because I love him and because I believed that if I told the truth to police, Savvas would be in trouble. On March 20, I went to Germany to find my friend so that he could give me some money. While I was there, I spoke on the phone with Ani and when Savvas gave the child to his mother to take care of it, we talked and I asked him if the child is well.
    All the times we spoke on the phone, Ani would tell me that she was well. The last time I spoke with Ani was on April 9. She told me that she is well with her father and that he was buying her chocolate eggs. After that, every time I spoke with Savvas until April 22 he told me that the child was with his mother and fine.
    It was only on April 14, when I called him, he told me that he wasn’t well, crying. He said he didn’t want the money and just wanted me to come back home because something bad had happened to him. The same happened the next day when I called him and he said, ‘I want you to come back.’ I thought he had taken drugs and didn’t know what he was saying. 
The mother had said that the thought that her partner may have been hitting the child passed through her mind on April 22. She had said:
    “I came back from Germany on April 22 and then Savvas told me that he had lost the kid. As soon as I found out, I searched around the neighborhood and in the afternoon we left for Bulgaria. We didn’t go to the police because Savvas told me that the “Smile of the Child” (children’s organization) would find the kid and that if I were to go to the police they would take it away because I left it with him, a drug addict. I told you the story about Sylvia (initial story concerning a friend who took the child) so that Savvas wouldn’t get in trouble and my child get taken away. I constantly asked Savvas what happened to the child and he kept coming up with different dates. Then I started thinking that Savvas may have hit the child and made her run away because she was scared. During the last few days I started to believe that the child may have hurt herself by accident in the house and died and Savvas have hid the body because he is afraid. When I came back from Germany Savvas told me that he sold Ani’s clothes for 50 euros to someone who works at a souvlaki place. When I asked him why he did this, he said ‘so that God can see and bring Ani back to us.’”
Earlier depositions

In earlier depositions, the mother had claimed that she had left her daughter with “Sylvia” so that the police would not accuse the little girl's father of any kind of wrongdoing. She had gone as far as giving a description of a fictional woman to the authorities thinking that they would buy into her story and she had also said that Savvas was pressing her to leave for Bulgaria so that authorities would not accuse her of being responsible for negligence of the child.

Panousis defends his comments

In other related news, Alternate Minister for Civil Protection Yiannis Panousis defended his comment on the alleged murderer of four-year-old Ani, saying reactions were "irrational and hypocritical."

Some may remember that in a previous report posted by HellasFrappe Panousis, who was speaking about the heinous crime, said that it was "an extreme, non-human behavior" adding that "there's a code of honour in jail... and this is why... I believe in these cases we will soon have the death of the perpetrator."

His statement apparently raised a storm, mainly on the Internet, with some people going as far as saying this amounts to incitement to murder.

Responding to the criticism, Panousis said:
     "I find at least irrational, hypocritical or a pretext for someone to interpret so easily the scientific and empirical ascertainment of a scientist as an incitement to murder."
     "The unbearable lightness of political wrangling cannot exceed morality, logic or science," he added and continued: "It's surprising that after my statement that 'we'll have dead in Skouries' I was not accused of promoting bloodshed in the region." 
The Motive and the evidence

Police believe the 27-year-old father's motive was jealousy, because the girl's 25-year-old mother, also a Bulgarian, had a boyfriend in Germany that gave her money and the suspect feared he would be abandoned.

Forensics experts found traces of blood in the apartment in Athens where the young girl lived with her father and on implements taken from the scene, as well as the suspect's blood on a knife and sheet.

A separate report from the state news agency said that witnesses are finally coming forward with accounts that the father had abused the child prior to the incident.

How the case was unravelled

The case started to be unravel when authorities were put onto the trail of a third Bulgarian national, a friend of the father, who they were told might have information on what took place. Let us keep in mind that the child had been reported missing, and an alert was already issued on live television. With the assistance of the Bulgarian police, Greek authorities tracked down the said individual, to whom the suspect had partially related what happened, without admitting that he killed the girl.

Regarding the mother's friend in Germany, authorities noted that they had made contact with him and that he confirmed giving the mother 12,000 euros because they were friends. Authorities have also confirmed that the mother travelled to Germany prior to Greek Orthodox Easter and had left little Ani with her father, returning on April 21st, and that the little girl had stayed with the suspect's mother for two weeks and was returned to him before Easter.

Mysterious claims from psychos!

On Wednesday, Maria Kalogeropoulou, claiming to be a psychologist for OKANA (Anti-Drug Center) was interviewed at various channels, giving details into the crime. According to her family, the 50-year-0ld suffers from psychological problems. The motive for her action was to help get leniency for the young father. Her false identity was later revealed and the two major television channels that hosted her retracted her statements.

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