December 14, 2014

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Did Samaras order a judge to jail Golden Dawn members?

A recent report in To Vima claims that the government has no evidence that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ phone was (or has been) monitored, but it does not deny the recent allegations made by Golden Dawn spokesman Elias Kassidiaris that the Greek PM ordered a judge to "nail" several Golden Dawn members in a recorded conversation. The following report is an analysis of the article on the To Vima's news site by the PressProject.

Government officials have told To Vima news site (link in Greek BELOW)  there was no evidence suggesting the PM’s phone calls were being monitored, but stopped short of denying the allegation he ordered a judge to "f...k" Golden Dawn members in a recorded conversation.

Elias Kassidiaris, the spokesman of Greece’s far-right party released a five second audio recording to parliament last Wednesday of a man (which he claims was Samaras) ordering a senior judiciary to make sure three senior Golden Dawn members are jailed.

The officials, who did not deny the conversation took place, said the electronic log files of Greek police and the intelligence service (EYP) show no sign Samaras’ cell phone was monitored.
     “There was an issue of possible leaks from high ranking EYP and police officials regarding the investigation into Golden Dawns’ activities. But not to the point of monitoring the PM’s or ministers’ phones,” officials told To Vima, adding that it was highly likely that a wiretapping device was planted in a room or an eavesdropping device was used, like the ones used by embassies and even some businessmen, to monitor areas.
The officials said a key clue would be to find who the other man in the conversation was.
     “It’s simple and logical. What, however, makes an impression is that the people who publicised it avoid revealing who the person Samaras called was.”
     “Either someone planted a wiretapping device in his phone or a speakerphone was on and someone recorded the conversation,” officials said, saying that Golden Dawn must explain how the conversation was recorded.
Kassidiaris is currently in prison along with other senior party members awaiting trial for allegedly running a criminal organisation.

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