May 30, 2014

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Bild: Greeks (Not Only Have Better Sex) They Do It More Often Than All Others!

"Who does it more often?" the tabloid Bild asks in a title. Why it's the Greeks, of course, or so claims a survey that was recently published by the German paper.

According to the survey, Greeks have sex 164 times a year, or slightly less than every other day. (The Germans did not make the Top 10 - Lol).

Here's the list of the most sexually active people on the globe.

1: Greece - 164 times a year
2: Brazil -  145
3: Russia - 143
4: Poland -143
5: India - 130
6: Mexico - 123
7: Austria - 123
8: China - 122
9: New Zealand - 122
10: Italy - 121

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