March 1, 2014

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Conspiracy or Truth - Putin Sends Troops Into Ukraine, Warns Obama Is “Unstable”


A grave Ministry of Defense (MoD) “urgent action” report circulating in the Kremlin on Saturday states that President Putin has ordered “additional elements” of the much feared 76th Russian Shock Troops Division into Ukraine after a sudden attack upon Crimea’s Interior Ministry by Western-backed forces which left, at least, 10 of the enemy forces dead in their failed mission and has asked parliament for permission to use Russian military forces in Crimea.

Even more grimly, this report continues, Putin, in conversations with his top military leaders, is warning that President Obama appears to be “unstable” and may push Russia into a nuclear war many experts have begun warning about.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in commenting on this deadly attack further stated:
     “Unidentified armed men sent from Kiev attempted to seize the building of the Interior Ministry of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the early hours of March 1. The treacherous provocation resulted in casualties. Self-defense units' resolute actions helped avert the attempt to seize the Interior Ministry building. These events confirm the desire of well-known political circles in Kiev to destabilize the situation on the peninsula.”
Putin’s concerns relating to Obama’s mental stability, this report says, are related to the American leaders “stern warning” to Russia on Friday about interfering in Ukraine, which was followed hours later by his levity in responding to a heckler who accused him having a plan for a “nuclear war with Russia” to which Obama quipped that since it was after 5 p.m. on Friday, he was using his executive authorities to declare it “officially happy hour with the Democratic Party” and that the heckler “thought happy hour started earlier.

As we had previously reported, Putin had “stunned” Obama in warning him that Russia was “fully prepared” to defend Ukraine against the pro- fascist coup backed by Western forces.

Further to note are that Putin’s action against the Neo-Nazi minority currently controlling Ukraine was that it was in direct response to the reign of terror these fascist forces have unleashed, and which caused Russian military forces to protect the Crimea and warn NATO of Moscow’s intention to protect the Russian citizens of Crimea, even if it means all-out war.

With the Obama regime failing to heed these warnings, however, and, again, as we had previously reported on, Putin was left with no choice but to order the 76th Division Shock Troops into Crimea, and other strategic places within Ukraine, in order to assure the safety of its citizens.

Moving to protect Crimea’s government ministries and airports against further Western aggression, as we had previously noted, combat elements of the 810th Naval Infantry Brigade have, also, begun taking up defensive positions throughout the region, separately confirmed by Telegraph reporter Roland Oliphant who in interviewing one of these soldiers earlier today quoted him as saying, “We're just here to help.”

The call for Russian help to protect the Crimea, it must be noted, came from their Prime Minister, Sergey Aksyonov, who has taken control of all national security forces in the region, including police, emergency services and the Interior Ministry, and whose plea to Moscow the Kremlin stated “would not be ignored.”

The State Duma Council further urged Putin to take measures to stabilize the situation in the Ukrainian region of Crimea and use “all possibilities” to protect the local population, its speaker said.
      “The Council of the State Duma, in the name of the MPs of the State Duma, has asked the president to take measures to stabilize the situation in Crimea and use all available possibilities to protect the population of Crimea from lawlessness and violence,” speaker Sergei Naryshkin said in a statement read on Russian state television.
Within hours of Prime Minister Aksyonov and the Duma’s appeal for help, this MoD report continues, Russia and Crimea reached an agreement on a joint guard of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and both Russian and Crimean forces are continuing to combine military strategies to protect the region.

With acting Ukraine President Oleksandr Turchynov having closed the airspace over Crimea earlier on Saturday over what he calls an invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, and calling for the US and UK to “rescue” his nation, this report continues, Ukrainian Defence Minister Igor Tenyukh has told his government's first cabinet session that Russia's armed forces had sent in 30 armored personnel carriers and 6,000 additional troops.

What Ukraine is calling an “armed invasion,” however, this report says, is, instead, a mission to “protect Black Sea Fleet’s positions which is happening in full accordance with the foundation Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the Black Sea Fleet.”

This MoD report further notes that the Russian warships Minsk and the Kaliningrad are “rapidly returning” to their Black Sea port in Crimea along with their estimated 2,000 “Alpha Group” commandos who have been engaged in the Syrian conflict against Western-backed Al Qaeda forces seeking to, likewise, topple that nations government.

Critical to note about this “escalating crisis,” this report states, are that the American people are not being allowed to know that the Obama regime is backing the Neo-Nazi government in Ukraine and has, in fact, paid over $5 billion of American taxpayers dollars to engineer this fascist coup, and which, as we had previously reported on, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland made no secret of when Russian intelligence tapes of her private conversations planning Ukraine’s government overthrow were made public.

Sorcha Faal

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