November 15, 2013

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SHOCK - New Public Opinion Poll Places Golden Dawn in First Place! (VIDEOS)

It looks like the crackdown against the Golden Dawn party, that resulted with the imprisonment of its leadership on a flimsy indictment, is not only turning into a boomerang for the establishment, but is allowing the ultra-right party to gain even more popularity with voters.

A shocking public opinion poll was presented late on Thursday night on veteran reporter Makis Triantafyllopoulos' news show, after being conducted by his online news site "". According to the results, Golden Dawn's popularity is rising very quickly, and in one of the two polls presented it was even shown to be in first place (as far as voting intentions are concerned). Certainly this radical change in the balance of power shocked his guests, but nonetheless should have been expected. In the first poll, as well as in the second, SYRIZA is also shown as having a high percentage -or above the New Democracy party- but Antonis Samaras is still considered as being most suitable for prime minister as opposed to Alexis Tsipras.

In the second poll, Golden Dawn received 22.6% of the vote, followed by SYRIZA with 19.2% and New Democracy with 16.7%. The Independent Greeks party and the Greek Communist party (KKE) both scored 4.9%, PASOK 4.5%, while DIMAR barely received 1.1%.

The voting intentions of the valid and the obscure vote was estimated at 14.9%.  The percentages are as follows: Golden Dawn 26.6%, SYRIZA 22.6%, New Democracy 19.6%, the Independent Greeks party as well as KKE 5.8%.

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