November 12, 2013

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OPINION - Does The Papandreou +Rondos +Lazzard +Sorros Alliance = The Rothchilds? You Bet It Does!

George Papandreou Minister of Foreign Affairs ...
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In Greece we have a saying that says “show me your friends so I can show you who you really are”, meaning the people that you associate with are generally a direct image of your real character. If that is so, then to what conclusion can a simple blog like ours come to when we see George Papandreou encircling himself with “shady” groups and international crooks?

HellasFrappe has published many stories about Papandreou's meetings with George Sorros, but did you know that good old George has even more shadier friends? One such character is Alex Rondos and the other is the infamous and mysterious Lazzard group.

The Lazzard Company is a very hush-hush BANKING investment group. This “shady” group, which has acted as adviser to Papandreou while he was in government, apparently has direct links with the infamous Rothchilds of America. Yes the same Rothchilds that practically own every central bank in the world, and who, as some claim, have more than 60 percent of the world’s wealth (capital or over 500 trillion US smackaroos). The very same Rothschilds that employ international crook and Skopje propaganda financier George Sorros who in return is suspected of employing Mr. Alex Rondos.

Recap: So Papandreou's adviser is Alex Rondos, who is linked to the the Lazzard Group, and then linked to George Sorros and then linked to the Rothchilds… Is it just us here at HellasFrappe or does this stink from a mile away?

So why the Lazzard group. Well when the government of Papandreou was asked why the Lazzard group, it had said that they were sought out and coincidentally hired in order to take steps to cut its budget deficit in the wake of the 110 billion bail-out package (this of course was at the beginning of the crisis while Papandreou was in government). Lazard later on confirmed it had been hired to assist Greek authorities but dismissed speculation that debt restructuring was one option being considered.

The company was apparently giving Papandreou and his government “general financial advice” but at the same time it was apparently helping its communication with rating agencies and market participants.(This should make all of weary... and very, very skeptical.)

Reports at the time said that Lazzard was also advising Papandreou's government to restructure its railways, and the electronic gaming industry so as to bring it in line with European Union directives. (Incidentally, a bill which was introduced by Papandreou about the gaming industry almost cost him a coup d’état from his own deputies which in some say was set up by Evangelos the Large). Finally, the investment bank also apparently advised Papandreou and his cronies on privatisation initiatives and real estate investment trusts such as large chunks of state property.

(Notice, that the Lazzard group was pushing the government of Papandreou to SELL SELL SELL.... and at the same time was in contact with ratings agencies. Hmmm....)

Alex Rondos on the other, is a whole chapter by himself. Press reports say he was a former Ambassador of Greece and prior to his government service he also worked for the World Bank, formed the first international relief and development organisation of the Orthodox Church, the International Christian Orthodox Charities, and he also apparently worked with Catholic Relief Services in Ethiopia, the Middle East and the United States. Today, this mysterious man is apparently "consulting" for the private sector, and contributing to the efforts of several non-governmental initiatives.

Following his run at the World Bank, he became an adviser to Foreign Minister of Greece, George Papandreou counseling him and implementing changes in Greek strategy in the Balkans and Turkey as well as helped to manage the Greek Presidency of the European Union during the Iraq crisis (all this of course when Costas Simitis was heading PASOK).

In addition to serving as personal adviser to Papandreou, Rondos also apparently undertook special missions.

These special missions apparently included designing a relief mission to Kosovo during the NATO bombing campaign (he was a support adviser to Ambasador Maljas in 1999 via an NGO); advising senior democratic opposition politicians in Belgrade leading up to and during the change of power (or toppling of the Milosovic government), etc.

This is a direct passage from the article we have been analyzing on (bear in mind that the English translation of this text is not that well)
     "After the fall of Milosevic, the Greek Embassy in Belgrade employs the wife of Ivan Vejvoda. Mediating the movement of persons "Resistance" and other half secret operations  at that time in Serbia. Once an external adviser to Vojislav Kostunica at a time when Kostunica is the President of Yugoslavia, and later as an external advisor to the Minister Zoran Djindjic.
     "Immediately after the assassination of Djindjic, Serbia's leaving and returning in 2004, and makes repeated attempts to bring to Kostunica and his acting office is through the centre of Athens next to the building of the Greek Foreign Ministry. Connoisseurs say that there are good relations in Turkey and that some acts there in the secret negotiations between Greece and Turkey and the Cyprus issue since the talks despite Serbian and Turkish.
     "In Greece, Alex Rondos was considered one of the Western country, "through which comp funds from secret funds for pursuit of political influences, pressures and political changes in neighbouring countries."
He also led the Greek humanitarian mission to Turkey following the earthquake there in 1999 that led to a rapprochement between Greece and Turkey. Throughout this period, he also served as a personal envoy of the Foreign Minister on missions to Turkey, governments in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.
Impressive (and frightful) resume indeed. It is almost like he was always in the right place at the right time (or in the right place while matters of energy, banking, regime change and what not were being determined). So who the hell is this mystery man and why the hell was Papandreou so close to him (or what linked them to each other)?

His friendship with Papandreou apparently strengthened when Rondos came to Athens with the late President of the former Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Andrew Athens to convince the Greek government to financially support the Greek Diaspora in the Black Sea. In 1999 Papandreou took the helm of the Foreign Ministry succeeding Theodore Pangalos.

Again... This does not really have any juice, so who exactly is this man that we hear so much about, who is apparently tied to the assassination attempt against former prime minister Costas Karamanlis and who was and probably still is so chummy chummy with Papandreou? Well... hold on to your hats Frappers, in the analysis on about Rondos we uncovered the following shocking information.

The site specifically said that Rondos is directly involved with the Greek Foreign Ministry’s chapter on foreign aid development which is responsible for an annual budget of some 60 million Euros, in other words, he has a lot of funds to move around with. The website claims that Rondos' connections to the IMF and the World Bank apparently helped Papandreou to deal with the debt crisis while in government.

The same report also notes that Rondos also holds excellent relations with FYROM authorities especially people from the WAZ Group including the director Srdjan Kerim. His liaison or mediator with Greek political and business structures is always Marinela Koppa, someone whose role in secret negotiations about the name issue is referred to in various WikiLeaks documents.

Interestingly, it also claims that Rondos' activities over the last decade also included a project in Egypt and the article clearly states... that the activity of this project was via an organization that was linked to non-violent protests that topple governments in undemocratic regimes. (Remember the Arab Spring... Coincidence?)

Quite shockingly the same article also says that this non-violent “organization” operates from centers in Serbia and (surprise, surprise) on the island of Crete. Some of Rondos' closest friends aside from Papandreou had also included former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitris Dolis, who has apparently also led para diplomatic activities by Greek NGOs in (other countries of turmoil such as) Pakistan and India. But the shocker for us here at HellasFrappe by far was discovering in the same news report that Rondos' first activities were in the countries of Albania, Egypt, Libya, Cyprus and Turkey, where he apparently occupied himself on marking the division of Mediterranean.

The article notes that Rondos was involved in Greek-Albanian "secret" activities (the politically correct term is secret diplomacy), and if we examine the news over the years then we can safely assume that this had something to do with strategic agreements on maritime borders (in other words... oil and natural gas). Apparently, these agreements were also known (and later signed) by Dora Bakoyannis who is also apparently an extremely close friend of Rondos, and who as we all know worked very hard at helping PASOK bring down Costas Karamanlis (who does not hold Rondos in the highest regard).

So now you have a general idea how all these names tie together. But what you do not know is that these ties go back at least four decades, or during a period when Margaret Chant, the mother of George Papandreou, (and former wife of our late Prime Minister Andrea Papandreou), was apparently working as a secretary for the Rothchilds. Of course we cannot confirm this, but there have been numerous reports about this over the years and from what we know she has never denied it.

In fact, some believe that she is the heart of all these links and let us not forget that she has/had worked very hard at promoting her son through the years.

It is also believed that she was the link that allowed the Rothschilds to approach her late ex-husband Andreas Papandreou who apparently was asked to come to Greece in 1974 and sell an “anti-American” climate to Greek Leftists who were at the time just beginning to come out of a dictatorship style government. Some also claim that Andreas founded PASOK via Rothchild funds (and/or CIA money) and sold the notion that he was a “Leftist” by slamming American policy with campaign slogans such as “Out with American bases” in Greece. The same analysts claim Andreas did this so he can steal votes from the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) which at the time held a strong position in Parliament.

This theory doesn't sound that far-fetched because when Andreas took office as Prime Minister in 1981 the anti-American slogans suddenly vanished and the Communist Party of Greece was weakened to some 8-9 percent. (Just like the Americans -or the FED- wanted).

During the same period, criminal George Sorros presented his newest protégé to the Rothchilds, Mr. Alex Rondos, yes the same man who later on stood by George Papandreou’s side. A couple of years later, and while papa Andreas Papandreou was in power, a new plan began taking shape, the Rothchilds together with Sorros and Alex Rondos began mapping out the political future of Papandreou under the strict eye of his mommy Margaret.

Some would say so what is wrong with that? True, there is definitely nothing wrong with friendships and/or relations, but let us not forget that Sorros and the Rothchilds were behind the dismantling of Serbia and the re-shaping of the Balkan map. And please do not take our word for it, do your own research. Just google the subject and you will find a plethora of information. In fact George Sorros even still brags about it.

Now add all the above to what Kissinger said in 1974 about Greece and the Greeks, (yes the same year Andreas Papandreou came to Greece), then zoom to the present and go research how investment banks work, and how they can damage and/or improve a country's image with credit agencies and presto... you will begin getting a good picture of what happened. (If of course all the articles you read end up with the IMF moving in... then you hit a jackpot.) Following this, go research which countries and areas were visited by Alex Rondos (while he was working under Papandreou) and you will find out that most of these areas later suffered from uprisings, war, economic turmoil and/or other troubles, and trust us Frappers everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) will begin making perfect sense.

In simple words, George Papandreou had a purpose. He was raised to take on the role he took (and probably promoted by his mother to do so). After all, the Rothchilds, George Sorros and Alex Rondos  worked very hard towards this, or since the mid seventies, and they invested heavily in George Papandreou's political future. He owes (and owed) them BIG TIME since his childlike buffoon knowledge on world affairs, combined with his (mommy's) lust for power, make George Bush Junior look so innocent!

Most importantly Papandreou owes them his political career and he does not care what price that entails. We saw this with Greece. Instead of helping Karamanlis to take softer austerity measures several years ago, (or basically freezing wages) Papandreou purposely refused because his job was to come into power and destroy everything that Karamanlis built. How else could he destroy and dismantle every opportunity this country had of ever becoming an international energy hub? How else would he place Greece in the arms of the IMF and allow corporate giants to move in and buy everything in this country at a sale price?

Treason, some would say and it is, but unfortunately the drama has not ended.

We are in the middle of this crisis, or right smack in the eye of the storm, and there are many, many more events at store. We have already witnessed the "Arab Spring", the clashes in Egypt, the crisis in the banking sector and judging from Rondos' involvement with FYROM we may even expect to see developments on the issue of Skopje very soon as well. Another subject is the issue of gold mining, the Cyprus issue, Turkish advances in the Aegean (something that Rondos has been lobbying for), the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas deposits of course and finally (and we believe this strongly) on the dismantling of Greece itself.

Does it sound like a huge conspiracy? It might to some because it is too incredible to even digest, but we  highly doubt it is and this is because if one goes through the news day after day, month after month and year after year, it is all there in black and white. In fact if you guys set out researching this in detail then you may even uncover more information than we did.

So why is all this happening? The answer is complex and at the same time very obvious: The name of the game is energy, and Greece is sitting right smack in the middle of this international energy chessboard. Even though the area of concentration is the Caucasus region (because of the vast amounts of natural gas that are suspected and/or have been found there), Greece still holds a geo-strategic position in the region because it is a gateway to the Middle East, to the Balkans, to Europe and most its natural reserve potential has not fully been explored yet.

Besides, almost all the current geopolitical developments in this region are energy-related and part of Rothschild fav. Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski's "grand chessboard" to Eurasia game.

Over the next few years, all the eyes of the world will be in the East Mediterranean, and this is not because of its vast amounts of natural gas which are suspected of being there, but because of the pipelines that will begin sending much needed energy to well over 500 million Europeans.

According to Wikipedia the following gas pipelines are at play (or are already functioning): The AMBO pipeline, the Baltic Pipeline System, the Brent System, the controversial Bourgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline, the CLH Pipelines - Spain, the  Druzhba pipeline, the Forties pipeline system, the Grozny-Tuapse pipeline, the Ninian pipeline, the Odessa-Brody pipeline, the Pan-European Pipeline, the Transalpine Pipeline, the South European Pipeline, the TRAPIL - France,

According to Wikipedia the following natural gas pipelines are at play (some of which prove the importance of Greece's role -and position in the Mediterranean and even more so in the control of the Aegean-) - The Baltic Gas Interconnector- Germany, Denmark and Sweden (planned), the Baltic Pipe (planned), the Balticconnector (planned), the BBL Pipeline, the Blue Stream pipeline, the CATS pipeline, the ENAGAS Pipeline - Spain, the Europipe I, the Europipe II, the FLAGS, the Franpipe, the Frigg UK System, the Fulmar Gas Pipeline, the GALSI (planned), the Gazela Pipeline, the Greece-Italy pipeline (planned), the Greenstream pipeline, the Interconnector, the JAGAL, the Langeled Pipeline - Northwestern Europe, the MIDAL, the Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline (Algeria-Morocco-Spain-Portugal), the Medgaz (Algeria-Spain), the MEGAL, the Nabucco Pipeline (planned), the NEL pipeline (under construction), the Netra, the NOGAT Pipeline System, the Nord Stream (North European Gas Pipeline), the OPAL pipeline, the Progress Pipeline, the Rehden-Hamburg gas pipeline, the STEGAL, the Skanled (planned), the Statpipe, the South German natural gas pipeline, the South Stream - Russia - Bulgaria - Italy/Austria -and formerly in Greece as well- (planned), the South Wales Gas Pipeline, the Soyuz Pipeline, the Trans Austria Gas Pipeline, the Trans Europa Naturgas Pipeline, the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (planned), the Trans-Mediterranean Pipeline, the Transitgas Pipeline, the Turkey-Greece pipeline, the Tyra West - F3 pipeline, the Vesterled, the West-Austria-Gasleitung, the WEDAL, the White Stream, the Yamal-Europe pipeline, the Zeepipe.

Turkey has a strong presence in the region, but Israel does not trust Ankara at all. Today, it seeks an alliance with Greece and Cyprus and this is to our benefit because Greece is the only nation in the region that is on good (or fair) terms with all four global geopolitical players. Meaning: The US, Russia, the EU and China.

Most importantly, Greece controls the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Sea is an important as a sea route and air passage between Europe and Turkey and the broader Eastern Mediterranean, and between the former Soviet Republics of Russia, Ukraine (including the shipment of oil and gas from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan etc.) and the Mediterranean Sea. Interestingly, the Aegean airspace is one of the main airways connecting Israel with the United States and Western Europe which is of major importance for the survival of Israel - with the implication that Israel would never consent to the occupation of this airspace by an unfriendly power -in other words Turkey-. The Aegean Sea is a very important space in the context of geopolitical dynamics and control, while it is an asset for whichever power has sovereign rights over it.

For now, we are being tugged at the nose by the US for geopolitical reasons because Papandreou made sure to relinquish Greece of any energy ties with Russia (Bourgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline, South-Stream, etc) and probably through his close ties with Rondos (and Lazzard, which was friends with Sorros, and the Rothschilds) Greece's natural gas and oil is now going to be controlled by the West, or the petrodollar (and/or the FED). On the other hand, the EU made sure to tie us hand and foot to the Memorandums of shame so it too can secure its share in this geopolitical game (that is why Samaras said European maritime boarders - This phrase alone speaks volumes).

So there you have it... now you know what is at play, and now you know what Papandreou's role was as well as why they wanted Karamanlis desperately out of the way quickly.

And no, never expect any of this news to be analyzed by the mainstream media, with the exception of reporters such as George Trangas, and EXTRA channel, and certainly never expect any of these people to be charged and thrown to jail either for the crimes that they may/or maybe not have committed. Certainly they have their networks set up on every corner of this globe and if we judge how they take care of Papandreou in the US, then it is obvious that when you scratch their back, they will scratch yours.

There is only one thing that can change their agendas and that is us. If we as a society begin discussing and debating the real issues that affect our country, or the stories within the stories... then we can protect Greece's interests. It might sound naive, but we can. If we stop being indifferent, arrogant and ignorant and begin involving ourselves on matters that deal with geopolitics, energy and politics then we can force change, and possibly end all this scheming. Certainly all the players indicated above have their own interests at heart, but we must also follow suit.

So shake off your political ideologies Frappers and unite with us today in surfacing the truth.

Will you join us?


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