April 24, 2013

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Turkish Daily Publishes Map Showing Ottoman Occupation of Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, etc.

Talk about audacity! In another provocative move, the Turkish Milliyet daily recently published a map of what it characterized was the "New Turkey" and which appears to “occupy” large territories in Northern Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, northern regions of Syria, northern Iraq, and even regions in Azerbaijan and Georgia! The map and relevant article were apparently published on March 23rd, 2013, but unknown until today.

According to the Russian Regnum news agency, the report in the Turkish daily left it to be understood that a powerful new republic is going to be set up within the border of the former Ottoman Empire. And we ask... How much more will it take until someone, somewhere actually asks them to sh***t the f**ck up!

But it only gets worse, the Russian news agency said that a related report was also published in the Hurriyet daily, under the title (more or less) the Great Turkey. The article said that Cyprus and Greece are on the edge of a complete collapse and that the only thing Athens and Nicosia can hope for is that Turkey can feel pity for them and agree to give them a piece of the energy deposits in the Mediterranean Sea. (Incredible audacity!!!)

HellasFrappe still hasn't seen any reaction by Greek authorities on this, but we did log on to and were pleasantly surprised to see that only did Bulgarian authorities react to this map, but Bulgarian Prime Minister Marin Raykov even said that he finds the map to be absolutely scandalous!

The Turkish paper’s article argued in favor of the establishment of a powerful new state within the former Ottoman Empire, according to Bulgarian media.
    “The map is so scandalous that it does not deserve a comment from a Prime Minister, but only his disdain,” the Bulgarian PM told reporters.
However, Raykov did say that Turkey should not be held responsible for the publication. (We beg to differ, because we are in the opinion that these two particular newspapers are the eyes and ears of the government and they do not print something up by chance, everything is done for a reason.)

Let's see when the Greek government will react.

Tick... tock... tick... tock...


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