February 18, 2013

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VIDEOS Of Violent Attack By Anarchists At Skouries Gold Mine In Halkidiki

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More than 36 people have been detained by the police in connection to the arson attack on the offices of Hellas Gold at the Skouries gold mine in Halkidiki, northern Greece, early on Sunday morning. According to reports, about 50 anarchists were involved in the raid, which led to a number of vehicles and small buildings (security) being torched. One of the culprits, a 54-year-old local resident, (and rumored to be a member of the SYRIZA party) was reported to also have been arrested but was released later. Police believe that there is evidence linking him to the attack.

The testimonies from two guards who were on duty during the raid is also shocking. Apparently the anarchists tied them up and then doused with flammable liquid, threatening to burn them alive. The assailants were also carrying guns, which they used to take out some security cameras. Authorites have apparently collected evidence from the scene of the attack and are expecting the results of forensic tests. At the same time they have gathered droplets of blood, a ski mask, cigarette butts, a torch and a surgical mask.

The Skouries mining project has been strongly opposed by some locals, environmental groups and political parties over fears of the lasting damage it could do to the local environment. Hellenic Gold, which is 95-percent owned by Canadian Eldorado Gold, insists that the mine is legal and has all the necessary environmental permits.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias who travelled to Halkidiki, shortly after police announced that a local 54-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of being moral instigator of the attack, was quoted as saying that the Greek state has a duty to safeguard the foreign investments taking place in the country. “Investments are the only way we can confront the huge problem of unemployment.”

Also, a report on SKAI television said on Monday night that a website that regularly publishes articles for the anarchist movement just released a story publishing the names, and even addresses, of the security guards at the gold mine.

Fast forward second video to after 1.10 seconds.

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