February 14, 2013

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Tsipras to BBC: SYRIZA Wants to Unite Greeks

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Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras sternly attacked Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his three-party coalition government, in an interview with the BBC, charging that "it is clear that we have the most conservative and the most extreme government that Greece has experienced since the dictatorship". Referring to the prime minister, Tsipras said that it is obvious that Mr. Samaras is seeking to set an agenda that intensifies the political conflict and is aiming to create the sense of fear to the Greek society in order to achieve two things. First, to stop the people from thinking about the economic condition, to be frightened and to focus on the 'danger' of the migrants and the demonstrations and, second, in this way, to rally the most conservative part of the society by creating a stable basis for his own electoral influence. Moreover, Tsipras said that Samaras' strategy is "a dangerous strategy against democracy itself".

Regarding the ultra-right party Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn), Tsipras said that the huge problem is the violence deriving from the extreme right and rejected the 'theory of the two extremes', noting that only one extreme exists: Chryssi Avghi.

On the 'terrorist activity of anarchist organisations' in Greece, the leftist leader said that it is an area that is already politically defeated.

Tsipras said that the "ultra-right and neo-liberalism go hand in hand" and are the "two sides of the Memorandum coin", adding that it is not incidental that the government "adopts this extreme agenda of law and order", predicting that the social unrest will become aggravated in the coming period, but "we are here to avert the derailment of the social tension" into situations reminiscent of the past. He assured that SYRIZA "aims to unite the Greek society".

Referring to SYRIZA's policy, Tsipras said that 'we come to unite the Greek people not to divide them, to unite them in order to overcome a horrific crisis that it has been experiencing the last three years", reiterating that he would even make a pact with the devil "if this would earn the slightest to the benefit of my country"

"I will travel the world over to make it known to everyone that the Greek people are experiencing a huge drama. In Greece we have a humanitarian crisis resulting from wrong political choices and technocratic mistakes that have made millions of people to suffer. In Greece people are committing suicide every day from despair, we have one and a half million people unemployed and one and a half million with salaries under 600 euros per month and five hundred families without one member working," Tsipras stressed. (AMNA)
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