September 4, 2012

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Greek Pensioners “Storm” Health Ministry (VIDEO)

Roughly 200 pensioners stormed the Health Ministry on Tuesday after Minister Andreas Lykouretzos denied to receive them.

The pensioners, from Greece’s biggest insurance fund IKA, chanted slogans demanding that the government take back the measures it implemented that decreased their pensions. At the same time they raised banners in the air writing “Disobedientce”, “Money for Health care and Free Healthcare”.

Pensioners are now obligated to pay for their prescription medicine as well as a visit to their doctors.

Angry and frustrated they demanded to meet with Lykourentzos and when this did not materialize they stormed the building, pushing aside its security force and reached the minister’s office.

Unconfirmed media reports even said that Lykourentzos asked them to quiet down, and one of the pensioners even said that the minister had called them “liars” and “bullies”.

Editor's Note - We highly doubt  anything the speaker in the video says...  that is why we noted that this was an unconfirmed report.

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