July 20, 2012

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Trangas Submits Formal Complaint Against Troika To International Criminal Court

Publisher and popular television and radio journalist George Trangas recently submitted a formal complaint at the International Criminal Court against Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Schauble (German Federal Minister of Finance) and Jose Manuel Barroso the President of the European Commission. The complaint which also includes the signatures of Dimitrios Konstantaras, Panagiotis Tzenos and Antonios Prekas, is urging the criminal court to investigate the key players behind the crisis in Greece, which it notes has become the "guinea pig" of the dominant financial elite.

The report notes that over the last three years, Greece has been transmuted systematically, with plan, and absolute intention into a “guinea pig” of the dominant financial elite, for a fiscally disciplined Europe. In reality what took place within the Greece during the last few years resulted in the outbreak of a humanitarian crisis that is now out of every control, threatening the country's national existence.

It claims that Eurozone member states, in cooperation with the European Commission and the IMF, have systematically engaged in the imposition of burdensome terms on Greek citizens, contravening constitutional and international legitimacy.

It also says that they have applied a strategy of terror and blackmail against the Greek people with threats of a European Union exit as well as a nice kick out of the Eurozone.

At the same time through coordinated statements of high-rank Greek and European officials, together with the cooperation of large international Media groups,the country and its citizens are been demonized, slandered and depicted ostensibly as responsible yet even for the possibility of a global economic collapse, with methods resembling those of slandering of Jews during WWII.

There are facts proving that Greece is the victim of a plan of social and economical genocide. The practices and methods used for the success, says the complaint, are apparently similar to the description of the UN Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (“The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups”).

In their mission to defend Greece's human rights -which we agree are continuously violated-  the formal complaint says Greek citizens are becoming victims of a serious, constant and ever aggravating attack against their human dignity, as well as are now facing cruel acts that deliberately cause great damage to the country's prosperity and fundamental freedom.

Editor's Note - Good Luck with this one... but we will definitely support you in this effort Mr. Trangas, we salute your bravery.

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