April 18, 2012

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Poulopoulos Rushed To Hospital For Surgery

Popular singer and performer Giannis Poulopoulos was apparently rushed to the "Ygeia" hospital on Tuesday where an emergency operation was held immediately on his eyes, which are said to suffering from a very heavy case of glaucoma. Apparently, the news was kept hidden from public scrutiny and he is now fighting to maintain his vision. "Eyes do not change color, but they do not see well" his wife Betty Poulopoulou told the Espresso newspaper, adding that her husband has been suffering from this condition for a while now. Presently his condition is improving steadily but is still considered very, very serious. His wife told the newspaper that the singer has been suffering from this condition for a while now and it has been a great struggle for him.

 (Kali Anarosi Gianni...)
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