March 2, 2012

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WIKILEAKS - Greek Shipowners The "Illuminati" Of Greece?

Still think the term Illuminati is only used by wacky conspiracy theorists? Think again! In a recently released Wikileaks cable, published by the Italian zazoom blog, there is a clear reference to the word 'Illuminati' and described as being the "key player" in Greek politics. Interestingly enough, the "key players" in this case (meaning in Greece) are our very own shipowners. The cable apparently addresses a meeting by the author with a newly appointed ambassador to Greece a little after George Papandreou won the 2009 national elections. It apparently addresses the issue of piracy, but the word "Illuminati" sticks out like a sour thumb!

The cable doesn't hide the US's satisfaction over Papandreou's victory either, and shockingly describes the administration of former prime minister and leader of the New Democracy party as Costas Karamanlis as being "moribund".
Andrew: Welcome to Greece. Your visit comes at a time calm between two storms; the first being the recently concluded Parliamentary elections in which PM Papandreou scored a decisive victory over the moribund Karamanlis administration, and the second being Greece's dismal economic situation which will limit Papandreou's hand internationally, and create a tough domestic political environment for him when his post-electoral "honeymoon" is over. You will also be meeting with Ministers and officials new to their portfolios and offices and in some instances, working in new hybrid ministries created through the mergers and combing of responsibilities of existing ministries. Remember our bureaucratic challenges in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security only now "a la Greece" immediately following a transition in power - and you will have a picture of the unsettled nature of many components of Papandreou's new government.

2. (C) That said, we have an excellent opportunity to ingrain our piracy message early into the minds of our new interlocutors in the government, and the AMVR Awards ceremony where you will speak affords a prime venue to deliver that message t the Illuminati of the Greek shipping sector - a key player in ultimately moving any Greek governmental policy on the issue. I believe you will find that your interlocutors value their cooperation both with the US and the broader international community on counter-piracy, but will respectfully disagree with you on thorny legal issues such as prosecution and the relevance of the New York Declaration. If you can help the Greeks understand where we want to be bilaterally and multilaterally on piracy over the coming six months, gain some traction on the Declaration, and launch a dialogue that we can continue on the ground here, your visit will have been a success.
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