October 4, 2011

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Greece sends "Hydra" frigate to East Med. for NATO exercises (VIDEO)

The Greek Navy just confirmed news reports that the "Hydra" frigate (F452 Class MEKO 200HN) will be dispatched to the Eastern Mediterranean right away and take part in the NATO-led operation “ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR”(which works towards the stability and peace in this region). The frigate is Greece’s contribution to the security and stability in the area where drilling for hydrocarbons is currently going on.

A report on defence-point said that the vessel was to depart on Tuesday and begin conducting exercises with the “PAPANICOLIS" submarine Type 214

NATO’s interest on the developments in this region are obvious, as a member state Turkey has raised claims in this area and regardless of whether they are legal or not directly threaten the peace and stability of the whole region. At the same a potential conflict with Alliance member Greece is also cause for concern.

Consequently, NATO’s presence in the region aims to appease the spirits and let it be known “to all concerned” that the Atlantic Alliance is interested in stability and peace in the region.

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