September 13, 2011

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SPECIAL REPORT - Cameron briefs Russians about US MASTER PLAN to ignite WWIII

In an incredible, if not astounding, report that was released on from an article in the EUTimes, the sobering details emerging from a rare and unexpected visit to Russia by Prime Minister David Cameron reveal that the British Leader "warned" President Medvedev that the United States is "firmly intent" upon unleashing World War III. Cameron estimates that the possibilities of the US throwing the entire world into the abyss of global warfare have accelerated, and this past spring they took full speed after Libya discovered that the Obama government allowed the American megabank Goldman Sachs to loot nearly $1.3 billion of its sovereign wealth fund (estimated at $65 billion ) which has since then lined the pockets of criminals, or has namely gone to the bankers who have destroyed the US economy as well.

In what they mistakenly believed would be a quick take down of Libya's government, Cameron continued, Obama ordered NATO air strikes on this North African Nation and allowed the CIA to rush thousands of Afghanistan terrorists to the region to topple Gaddafi in a War that has so far cost over 50,000 Lives !

What The Obama government did not count on, adds Cameron, was Gaddafi escaping with over $10 billion of Libya's gold reserves which the Libyan leader has used to finance at least one rebel group that led to even more chaotic violence since these factions turned on each other in a bloody killing spree.

Cameron warned that the aftermath of the war in Libya will is yet to be realized. Over 20,000 shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles belonging to the Gaddafi regime have been "dispersed" throughout the world and are currently lying silently and ready to unleash the worst terror attack in human history against the United States and its Western allies.

Cameron asserted to Medvedev that the United States has "full knowledge" of these missiles but refuses to allow British and French Special Forces to secure them since they believe that a global war of "historic proportions" will be able to stop their nation from complete disintegration.

Cameron further warned Medvedev that Gaddafi has also poured millions-of-dollars into his vast spy network in Egypt, that has now been "activated" and is blamed for the catastrophic attack on Israel's Embassy in Cairo that caused the Israeli Ambassador and his staff to flee that Middle Eastern country.

Worse still for the West, Cameron continues, is the "unstoppable rage" of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan over the Obama government's toppling of Gaddafi who was one of the Turkish leaders closest friends in the Middle East and who last December bestowed upon Erdoğan the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights for his "Distinguished service to Humanity ".

Russian Intelligence addendums to these reports state that Erdoğan's "rage" against the Obama government is behind his targeting Israel, by halting all trade and defense ties to the Jewish State and by ordering Turkey's Ambassador to leave Israel, warning of even more sanctions to come, as well as threatening all out War on Cyprus .

Israel's response to Erdoğan's "rage" was a threat to support the Kurdish rebels that are currently attacking Turkey and which drew a sharp rebuke from Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu who warned the Jewish State that "No one will be able to blackmail us (them) ".

As both Turkey and Iran are said to be in their "final showdown" with Kurdish rebels operating out of Northern Iraq, it is important to note that Israeli forces have been working to help establish a separate Kurdish State in an attempt to further fracture the Iraqi government and to keep it from becoming more powerful than it is already growing.

Also, all the events now occurring in the Middle East, which are pushing our world to the brink of an all-out war, have long been known, as evidenced in an October 23rd, 2007 report - Turkey requests 'urgent' Iran military aid as Syria warns to prepare for war.

Whereas a warning has already sounded over the US's  Master Plan, which calls for the entire region's boarders to again be redrawn. For this "master plan" to materialize says the Armed Forces Journal, published in the United States the following steps must be taken:
  • "The Kurds of Syria and Iran as well as Turkey" would rush to join an independent Kurdistan if they could "and the refusal by the world's legitimate democracies to champion Kurdish independence was a human-rights sin, Peters claimed.
  • Iraq would be divided into three smaller states as Sunni Iraq, an Arab-Shia State and Kurdistan. Jordan would retain its current territory, with some southward expansion at Saudi Arabia's expense.
  • Saudi Arabia's coastal oil fields would be given to the Shia state to be established with the dissolution of Iraq and the southeastern quadrant would go to Yemen. Iran would lose a great deal of territory to Unified Azerbaijan, Free Kurdistan, the Arab Shia State and Free Baluchistan, but would gain the provinces around Herat in today's Afghanistan.
  • Following these changes, Iran would become an ethnic Persian state again. Kuwait would remain within its current borders, as would Oman. "
Unknown to the American people about their governments plan to carve up the Middle East was that it was accidentally revealed in 2006  when a map showing the "New Countries" to be created by the West was seen by Turkish Military officers during a meeting at NATO's Defense College in Rome and it has given the countries to be affected, nearly five years to prepare for what is happening today.

Though these people of the West are being fed propaganda leading them to believe that all of the events happening in the Middle East are due to oppressed people protesting for democracy they couldn't be more mistaken as the truth is that all of the nations of this region have been preparing for years to "suddenly unite" in a massive war against the United States to throw off its oppressive yoke forever.

Another chilling thing to note, is how all these developments and schemes match the predictions of Greek Orthodox Monk Joseph,  the protector of the Greek Air Force, whose visions have warned that:
  • The Third World War will start with the conflict between Turkey and Greece.
  • Jewish masons who are rulers over USA and European Union will force Turkish people into the war against Greece.
  • In spite of Greek tremendous courage and resistance, Turkish attack will be devastating. Lots of Greeks and lots of their Russian and Serbian brothers in Christ who will volunteer to help Greeks will be dead.
  • Turkey will charge deep inside Greece and will concur the most of the Greek territory.
  • At the beginning, NATO and USA will not interfere into this conflict directly, but will give silent support for everything Turks do instead.
  • The time will come that the world will think Greek people will vanish.
  • A moment before it will be almost certain to happen, mighty Russia opens its cards in protection of Greek people and Orthodox Christianity. This takes everyone by surprise. Russian nukes are launched to Turkey.
  • Darkness is covering Balkan peninsula and Near East. The World we know cease to exist again.
  • At this point USA and EU join Turkey (or what's left of it) and declare global war against Russia and Greece.
  • Vatican and the Holy Chair will announce Holy War against "schismatic" Orthodoxy.
  • The war will be horrible. Burning people will fall from the sky.
  • USA will suffer terrible defeat and will "blow up like balloon" (for whatever it means).
  • Roman Catholic Church will never be able to return back to the positions it has today. Not even close. Its influence will be next to nothing
  • Russians will enter Constantinople, establish their own governor, but will give it all to Greeks later on green table.
  • Greeks will hesitate to accept new territories at the start, but will accept them later and will rule over what used to be Turkish capital. Greeks will return to Constantinopolis 600 years after leaving it, as monk said.
  • One third of Turks will lose their lives, one third will accept Orthodox Christianity and one third will move to live in "some deserts".
  • Armenia will get its lands back.
  • Kurd people will establish their own country.
Prophecies are prophesies, and might be ridiculed by some, but bear in mind that they do take notice of the present situation.

On the subject of the E. Mediterranean, Russian Intelligence Sources warn that the massive gas fields discovered 'in the Eastern Mediterranean, and claimed by Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Lebanon and Egypt  can indeed be the spark needed to ignite a global war as whomever ultimately claims it will be assured of energy security for the rest of this century.

Why you ask... well the "Leviathan Gas Field ", is according to the article, a Massive Gas field and said to be the largest kind of its sort in history

The United Kingdom and Israel signed a new security agreement to come to each others aid in time of war. Israel has also sided with Orthodox Christians against the apostates of the West who even as these words are being written are preparing to destroy the Greek nation as we know it, because their appetite for the few remaining energy riches our world has left to offer, have become a blood-thirsty banquet unparalleled in human history.

The British leader warned that the "end of time" has come, and judging by all of this, I don't blame him.

Have Monk Joseph's grim visions being realized? No one knows. What is known, however, is that the world has become a very dangerous place to live, and surely anyone that can hear and see should begin preparing for even more terrible tragedies to come. 


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