September 16, 2011

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Georgantas says 2009 deficit was purposely inflated to put us in code red (VIDEO)

Shocking accusations from a member of Greece's statistical service only comes to confirm what hellasfrappe has been saying for over five months now. THE GREEK DEBT CRISIS IS FAKE! Greek patriots, should raise a protective shield around this heroine who has the guts to reveal what really happened before Greece was dragged into signing the Memorandums of shame with the Troika.

Professor at the University of Macedonia and committee member of the Greece's National Statistical Service (NSS) Zoe Georganta, on Friday outwardly accused former Economy and Finance minister George Papaconstantinou of purposely “falsifying” the country’s deficit in 2009 (just after George Papandreou's PASOK party gained control of the government) because he wanted to purposely implement harsh austerity measures. 

Georganta underlines that the final numbers that were presented by the government were known by Eurostat, which also participated in this fraud by supporting the former minister. From what she said, the Greek deficit for 2009 was deliberately estimated at 15.4% from Eurostat because they purposely inflated it to be larger than that of Ireland's debt which was estimated at 14%. "The deficit was artificially inflated in 2009 to show that the country had the largest across Europe, including that of Ireland which was 14% in order to justify the severe measures the government wanted to implement on the country. And (that is why) Eurostat presented it at 15,4% “.

“The Greek deficit for 2009 stood at 12%, but after pressure from the president of Eurostat,  Walter Radermacher, the report (for 2009) also contained data from the country’s public utility organizations which were not supposed to be included”, explains Georganta.

She adds that, “they were telling us to keep our mouths shut because the situation in Greece was crucial… Papaconstantinou did not want us to act as an independent body”.
She admits that council has not met over a year and its 11 member-board are not responsible for signing any of the decisions that were supposedly taken and that this was all the doing of NSS president, Andreas Georgiou.

 “We are under German occupation” said Georganta, characteristically. 

She also revealed that she sent a formal letter to President of the Republic Karlos Papoulias on the matter and urged him to take action because this was a matter of national importance… but from what it seems everyone ignored her.

Georganta's story is 100 percent supported from the former president of National Statistics Service (NSS), Manolis Kontopirakis, who argues that Papaconstantinou is a liar and purposely inflated the national deficit!
The news is shocking and today headlines the website which usually comes out with amazing revelations (ex. Papandreou CDS scandal)! The Greek government should resign immediately and the Supreme Court should begin investigating this matter right away. Also all the Memorandums that have been signed over the past two years should be re-examined and thrown to the garbage.

Finally, the main opposition party of New Democracy should clear its position on this matter or else it will be charged of being an accomplice to this UNFORGIVABLE and treasonous crime. And it should flat out announce that it does not recognize ANY of the agreements signed with the Troika.

Since the beginning of this so-called crisis, hellasfrappe has continued to say (even though we have highly been criticised) that this is a fake crisis and that the reason they created this crisis was because they wanted us to give up our sovereignty with the result being our natural reserves (natural gas and oil). The main reason we continued to insist on this was because Papandreou announced our entry to the IMF from Kastelorizo... yes, the same island that is now caught in a cross-fire in the East-Med. Now, that everything is surfacing, and with Turkey ready to wage war on our country in the Eastern Medisterreanean do you still believe that Greeks are lazy.. or no-good-for nothing bums and had it coming?

Think again!

Listen to her interview to Niko Chatzinikolaoy on REALfm this morning, where she also reveals that the present Minister of Economy Evangelos Venizelos has also known about this.


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