August 30, 2011

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PASOK MP to attend Turkish event that celebrates deaths of thousands of Greeks!

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The Muslim Community in Thrace, in northern Greece, is today celebrating the end of Ramadan, but some of the members of this community, which call themselves Turks, are also celebrating zafer bayram or zafer gunu, namely Turkey’s "Victory Day"  against the Greek Army in Smyrna, according to an article that was featured on the taxalia site.

Expected to be present at today’s (I do not want to characterise) events in Komotini, will be the former vice president of Turkey Ali Babacan, but so will PASOK deputy, Ahmed Chaztiosman.

The news of a Greek MP attending this event shocked me and I found it very insulting. How can a Greek MP, from the Greek Parliament, who has sworn to defend Greece, and Greek interests attend an event that is celebrating the deaths of thousands of Greeks?

The Muslim birlik website writes in a post today (The article is translated in Greek from Turkish)

"August 30th is a day of victory and happiness for the Turks of Western Thrace”

"(Today) we celebrate the burning of Smyrna on Greek soil!"

And I ask… it is one thing supporting and safeguarding the rights of minorities, but it is definitely another to celebrate the slaughtering of thousands of innocent Greeks… on GREEK SOIL. This announcement is shocking, and provokes every ounce of filotimo we have as a people.

And I ask… why is a Greek MP attending this event?

Who the hell gave him the right to even go near an event that goes directly against the interests of the Greek people and this nation? 
He should immediately resign from Parliament and move to Turkey where I am sure he can easily continue his political career.

Shame on him, and shame on everyone who continues to provoke our filotimo as a people.

Ou na mou xathite!

Victory Day (local name: Zafer Bayramı) on August 30 is a national holiday in Turkey to commemorate the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar, the final battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922. The Battle of Dumlupınar, according to Wikipedia was the last battle in the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922) (part of the Turkish War of Independence). The battle was fought from 26 August to 30 August 1922 near Kütahya in Turkey.


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