May 20, 2011

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We have lost our sovereignty with the memorandum of shame

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Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.  The bankers own the earth.  Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again.  
However, take away from them the power to create money, and all great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear for this would be a happier and better world to live in.  
But, if you wish to remain slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” 
Sir Joseph Stamp, Former Director of the Bank of England, 1920

Following the signing of the Memorandum between Greece, the IMF and the EU, the question remains… is Greece still a sovereign nation? Meaning… are we an autonomous, free nation? According to the findings of Professor of Constitutional Law and Emeritus –and Lawyer PhD - at the Law School of the University of Athens, George Kassimatis, not only has Greece irrevocably and unconditionally waived the immunity (of the Greek state to the IMF and the EU, but our government has flat out committed high treason for doing so.

Listen to what Mr. Kassimatis says, this is PART I of III

Do I need to repeat what you just read dear friends…? Greece has LOST its NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY on all fronts; foreign, legislative, economic, judicial and administrative. In simple words, we have been invaded… much in the same way armies invade other countries. Greece unconditionally and irrevocably belongs to the IMF and the EU with the help of the present Greek government.

According to Kassimatis, NEVER BEFORE IN THE COURSE OF WORLD HISTORY, HAVE SUCH CONDITIONS AS THOSE SET FORTH WITHIN THE LOAN AGREEMENTS AND THE MEMORANDUMS BEEN IMPOSED. Not on a national, European and not even International level.  Never before, for any reason has a similar agreement been formed between states …not even between colonial and dynastic States! Yes you read correctly… not even dynastic states.

The obvious question is how did the Greek parliament vote for this agreement of shame? According to Kassimatis, the Greek parliament only voted for a section of the memorandum and has no idea or concept what the conditions are in the loan agreement itself. Let me explain... while many think that Greece has signed only one loan agreement, in reality more agreements have been signed.

The next obvious question would be, how did a loan agreement come to pass without ever going through the Greek parliament for ratification, especially this agreement which basically gives away our national SOVEREIGNTY? According to Kassimatis, several days after the memorandum of shame was thought to have been voted in parliament (but not by 180 votes as stipulated in the Greek Constitution for international loan agreements) a new law was formulated, or more exactly Law #3547, which no one is aware of, that gave exclusive rights to Finance Minister George Papakostantinou  to only decide -and sign- on behalf of Greece every loan agreement that is made thereafter. 

This alarming revelation included an article in it that is even more shocking. It stipulates that the agreements do not need to pass through the Greek parliament for ratification. In other words... a law was formulated to abolish our own Constitution.


According to his colleague Professor of Law, Costas Beys, the fact that nobody in the Parliament has read the full text of the memorandum was exposed at random, when Mr. Kassimatis, asked for the original international contract text, in English and French. As he was looking for it at the Greek parliament, he found out that no member of the government has even read it, let alone reviewed the conditions that have been outlined in it.

 “These shameful agreements” according to Kassimatis “violate each of the fundamental principles of international and European law as well as those of the Greek Constitution”.
He also says that if Greece does not respect the agreement it has signed, then the Acropolis, the Greek islands, the Greek air force and whatever else the lenders deem necessary can and will be confiscated. In his professional and undisputable view, Greece is no longer an “independent,” country.

Kassimatis, Beys and many personalities from the academic community have described the Troika’s presence (IMF, EU lenders) here to be a “coup”. They at the same time emphasize that NO ONE has the right to sell SOVREIGN LAND and RIGHTS, because this means the total abolishment of a country.

This alone is shocking for anyone to hear.

Conclusion… armies do not invade countries anymore, bankers do.


The news is shocking for anyone to hear and many wonder why Greek citizens have not revolted about this. The truth is, Greek citizens are not aware of the conditions in the Memorandum, because as stated in many of my blog posts the mainstream media is 100 percent working in the government’s favour and basically feeds garbage to the general public everyday.
Nonetheless, the few that have come to the realization of what is really going on have began to voice their opinions, and many citizens are joining this move everyday. The Greek lawyers association, the academic community, the “I will not pay movement”, the “odious debt” movement, as well as many, many other associations and organisations have already begun holding rallies, lectures, seminars protests and what have you. All these people are not communists, leftists and/or activists (even though some leftists want to capitalize on these movements) they are mostly everyday citizens.

Just yesterday composer and veteran politician Mikis Theodorakis, best known abroad for the film scores of Zorba the Greek, Serpico and ambitious symphonic such as Canto General, was received by President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias. During the meeting, the composer lodged an official objection to the Memorandum signed by Greece for the EU financial aid package questioning whether this was compatible with the country's Constitution. 

Theodorakis, who launched an independent citizens' movement called “Spitha - or Spark” in 2010 after the Greek debt crisis emerged, was accompanied by Mr. Kassimatis.

Emerging from the meeting Theodorakis said that the loan agreements are constitutionally invalid, since they were not signed by three fifths of Parliament, or by the President of the Republic but only by the Finance Minister George Papakonstantinou. "With (Prime Minister George Papandreou's) unacceptable surrender we conceded a part of our national sovereignty. We had said that if the Memorandum was implemented our country would be led into chaos. We have reached the point of no return. There is no other solution. This is why the government is seeking support in consensus and Europe is almost extortionately saying that there must be national unity. But how can this happen when the two largest parties cannot even claim 40 percent (of the vote)," noted Theodorakis.

On his part, Kassimatis said that Greece was a "country under occupation" and the only solution was for people to take matters into their own hands. He asserted that the terms contained in the Memorandum violated all the fundamental principles of the Constitution, European legality and international law. 

Now are you getting the picture folks? We have been taken over. We are not a free sovereign country anymore all thanks to George Papandreou, his government, Dora Bakoyianni and the LAOS party who all signed this agreement of shame and treason.

I understand the shock, for we too are feeling the same numbness here in Greece. People are just beginning to realize what has really happened and they are getting mad… very mad…. Right now, your Hellene brothers and sisters here are at the boiling point… that is why it is crucial that we all act now. They want us to result to violence… and yesterday’s article “We are not racist, but they want us to be” explains why I believe this, but violence is not the answer. The more we spread the word, tarnish their reputation speak about it and generally make noise – A LOT OF NOISE - the more damage we do and the more we will hurt them.

I know my Hellene brothers and sisters all over the world will never allow this to pass. I know in my gut that you have the power to lobby and raise your voices about this and I also know that your word has clout.

Spread the word everywhere…. EVERYWHERE. There is no time to waste. We have been left on our own here. There is no political entity that has the balls to call this for what it is… TREASON.

Please help us… 

Marina Spanos

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