March 14, 2011

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Lyricist Manolis Rassoulis dies at the age of 66

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Lyricist, author, Manolis Rassoulis Deva Parinito was found dead yesterday in his Thessaloniki house. Officials said that he had been dead for at least ten days.

Apart from songs such as “Pote Voudas, Pote Koudas, or my personal favourite “Ax Ellada S’agapo”, Rassoulis, aged 66, was also a very well-known writer and journalist. During his long career, spanning almost four decades, Rassoulis produced over 20 records and eight books.

 Rassoulis, who was born in Iraklion, Crete in 1945, had a highly personal song writing style, combining traditional and modern elements and his idiosyncratic and off the mainstream views on society and life.

He has collaborated with numerous artists. Such as well-known composers such as Manos Loizos, Nikos Xydakis, Stavros Kouyoumtzis, Socrates Malamas, Christos Nikolopoulos and Andreas Mikroutsikos. Who in return added the music to his lyrics for artists such as Haris Alexiou, Antonis Vardis, and Nikos Papazoglou.

The entertainment world lost a great lyricist, but his music will reign forever.
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