June 18, 2015

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Volos Mayor Attacks G.Papandreou - Calls Him A Crook Who Destroyed Greece! (VIDEO) - LOL

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Please read report below before watching updated video report.

UPDATE -In a new video which was released on Saturday the Mayor of Volos is filmed outside of the hotel screaming and heavily criticizing Papandreou, as well as his supporters.

Original story

During a working visit at the city of Volos, former Prime Minister George Papandreou was verbally attacked by the mayor of the city, Achileas Beos who openly accused Papandreou of being a “crook” who “destroyed Greece”. According to, the scene took place at a central Volos hotel during a scheduled meeting of Papandreou's new socialist party.

As seen in the video below, Beos dared to criticize Papandreou but was suddenly stopped short from the men (or supporters) that were surrounding the former PM (or were there to protect him). Some reports claim that they did so because the mayor began to approach Papandreou with a threatening manner, but we here at HellasFrappe rather believe that they did so because Beos dared to speak his mind.

For a short while, chaos prevailed, and even those who had remained neutral up to that point began to urge calm from all sides. Luckily authorities were called to scene in order to calm the situation. No injuries were reported. claims that they mayor may file a lawsuit against the men who attempted to physically contain him, because, as the report notes, he dared to directly criticise Papandreou face to face.

Indicative is the video below.

On January  2, 2015, George Papandreou removed himself from the PASOK party and said he would jump back into high-profile domestic politics and launched a new party called the Movement of Democratic Socialists. Papandreou said he was doing so because of the extraordinary situation that Greece was facing and noted that under these circumstances he needed to make a bold political choice. "PASOK, the party I belonged to since my youth, and led for many years, had become assimilated into conservative practices and policies."

Of course Papandreou would not ever admit that he was a closet conservative because up until that point he was gallivanting across the globe giving lectures -of which he received astronomical funds- on how austerity destroyed Greece, forgetting all the while that he was the man who decided to send Greece into the arms of the mighty Troika -and deep austerity-

Luckily he, and his pseudo socialist party, were not able to get into Parliament and they only received 2.46% of the electoral vote. His failure to be reelected marks the first time that a member of his family is not present in the Hellenic Parliament since 1923.

He obviously did not take the news well because after the elections he had the audacity to tell BBC Newsnight that his conscience was clear because he: "was able to save Greece from default."

We here at HellasFrappe beg to differ and advise him to seek psychiatric help.

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