June 27, 2015

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NO SURPRISES - George Papandreou hails Tsipras, in favor of referendum

Former PM George Papandreou on Saturday said that his party is going to support a YES vote in the July 5th referendum that was called by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras early on Saturday morning.

Papandreou, who always forgets that he is the one that ignited this whole crisis by bringing the IMF to Greece -and to a wider extent to Europe- also accused Tsipras of shifting the burden of a difficult decision on the Greek people after the SYRIZA government’s failure to negotiate a deal with Greece’s creditors.

Wait there is more, because Papandreou's audacity has no bounds, he also sought to distance Tsipras' decision form his own initiative to hold a referendum in 2011.

Papandreou who resigned as prime minister in 2011 after igniting a financial crisis in Greece and helping interests overthrow the democratically elected government of Costas Karamanlis, still believes that his government's decisions actually benefited the Greek people. Till this day he pats himself on the back for apparently achieving what he describes was the biggest haircut of debt in world history (PSI). Of course he forgets that this haircut destroyed the Greek pension system!

In the announcement that was released on Saturday after the call for the referendum Papandreou also noted that when his government was in force, Tsipras was totally opposed to the idea of a referendum, claiming that it would lead to bankruptcy.

The answer is obviously it will, so why note it today and why for heaven's sake support it to begin with?  - Reference - RealNews

Editor's note: The answer is simple dear Frappers. Forces from within SYRIZA and Papandreou have never cut their ties (Fotopoulos clan from DEH). The BAD, BAD PASOK is alive and kicking! Papandreou should be very careful with what he says and does in this country, because people have had it up to here with him and his cronies!

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