October 18, 2013

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Mystery Blonde Girl (& Other Children) Abducted by Roma Couple To Receive Child Benefits!

UPDATE - The Greek press said on Saturday that there is reasonable concern that a human organ trafficking ring is behind the mystery surrounding the child that was abducted by the Roma couple in Larissa. There is reasonable suspicion that the gypsy couple (whether they knew it or not) were used as a "hotbed" for the nurturing of human organs which are priceless on the black market (especially when they come from small children).

According to Thessaly Police Director Mr. Vassilis Halatsis, the suspicion is based on the family registration records, where it appears that she registered six children in one account, a separate four children in another account, while the third account -that belongs to her husband- shows that they have four other children there as well (total 14 children). And as crazy as that sounds, the mother still insists that she gave birth to three children in a span of three months, but when authorities asked her where these children were she refused to disclose their whereabouts. The couple is still being interrogated and they have yet to give any information on the health and welfare of all these other children.

The faces of these children and their birth certificates appeared in the documentation that was presented by the gypsy woman, but quite mysteriously the children are no where to be found. Authorities now believe that the Roma couple either abducted the children or were given these children to raise so that they could later be networked in dark trafficking circuits that present themselves as adoption agencies but in all reality are human organ trafficking rings.

At the moment, Greek officials are trying to establish the girl's true identity and whether or not the couple has any links to any of these trafficking rings.

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Greek authorities on Friday said they discovered a four-year-old girl at a Roma (gypsy) settlement in Farsala, near Larissa (central Greece), who was apparently kidnapped from her biological parents in 2009 by two residents at the camp. Reports in the Greek press claim that the child could have been a victim of an international crime ring, that abducts children, but no further details were given.

Police officials were suspicious when they encountered the young girl since her hair is blond and she is fair-skinned with green eyes, and did not bear any physical resemblance to anyone at the Roma camp. When they asked who her parents were, a 39 year-old man and a 40 year-old woman declared that they were her parents.

When the police started interrogating the couple, they first said that the child was a relatives and then later changed their stories claiming that someone had given them the child for safekeeping. A little after 2:00 pm on Friday they confessed that they had abducted the child (and it is suspected that she is not the only one that they have kidnapped) so that they can receive child support benefits.

A DNA test conducted on the couple only proved that the child had no relation with the Roma couple.

It was also reported that the Roma couple had managed to obtain the girl's birth certificate from the municipal authorities in Athens. This raises a great deal of concern about the competency of these authorities and certainly strikes a serious blow at the administration of Athens mayor George Kaminis. They have to now explain how they issued a birth certificate to these people without ever conducting a necessary investigation!

1. How did the Roma couple obtain a birth certificate for the four year-old girl at the Municipality of Athens (where the hall of records are located)?

2. How did the couple manage to obtain a Value Added Tax (VAT) number in the little girl's name and then later the relevant child benefits?

3. How did the 40 year-old woman kidnapper manage to register her family in countless municipalities, (one in the Municipality of Larissa, which appears as the mother of five girls and one boy and one at the municipality Trikala, where she appears to be the mother of four girls - while her husband also registered their family a third time in another city as well).

4, And finally how did the woman manage to have countless children in a five-month period? According to what was reported, she apparently had three children in five months and then three more children within 3.5 months? (More precisely, within a period of five months -or between the periods of June to November 1993 it appears that the woman gave birth to three children and following this it was discovered that between the periods October 1994 and until February 1995 she gave birth to yet another three children!)

And to top it all off, it was also discovered that the 40 year-old woman has two identity cards with different information on both, and both these cards are fully active.

In all, it was reported that the couple appears to have 14 children and quite shockingly they were receiving more than 2,800 Euros in child benefits every month!

An international investigation has now been launched by the Larissa Police Department where they expect to work closely with national and international law enforcement officials on this shocking case. They have also announced that they are seeking the little girl's biological parents and asked anyone with information to telephone them immediately at 2410-683171 or 2410-683184-5. (For international calls please add country code first).

Presently, the little girl is in safe hands and is being taken care of from the child support group Hamogelou Tou Paidiou (Child's Smile).
Quite interestingly the Director of the Hamogelou Tou Paidiou said on STAR channel later on in the evening that he is afraid that the little girl may have been a victim of an illegal child abduction ring that kidnaps children from Northern Europe and then moves them around Europe through Roma people since they can easily make their way to Southern Europe with their caravans.

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