October 26, 2012

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Members of the Greek-Albanian Himara Region In Favor of Autonomy

Road on the mountains of the National Park of ...
Road on the mountains of the National Park of Llogara looking down on the village of Dhërmi, Himara, Albania (credit: Wikipedia)

In a recent public opinion poll, conducted by the SManalysis blog, members of the Himara Community in Albania (Voreioipirotes) as well as Diaspora in the US and Europe are apparently in favor of an Independent Himara Region, or separating their region from Albania.

In total 38% of those polled said that they were in favor of an independent Himara region, 36% said they believed that Himara should be remain in Albania, 24% said that the region should once again return to Greece, and only 2% said that it should once again become one with the region of Epirus in northern Greece.

(Reference - smarkos)

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